Episode 196: He’s Coming Back

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: He’s Coming Back

When someone leaves the group during the zombie  apocalypse, regardless of the reason, there’s generally a concern as to whether they’ll ever come back (it seems the zombies tend to bump the survivability rate down a few notches). This, of course, tends to lead to worry and argument within the group. You can expect at least one person to emotionally yell “(S)He’s coming back! I know (s)he is!” Depending on the circumstances, the rest of the group may decide to relocate, leaving the person who left earlier out of the loop.

This generally leads to conflict within the group. Whether they should wait for that person, or leave. If they do leave, how do they keep that missing person in the loop? Leaving a note seems reasonable, until you consider that there might be other, hostile groups out there that can still read. Doing something cryptic, or hiding information means that your friend might not be able to figure things out, or simply miss the clues altogether.

About this Episode:

I reset the white balance on my camera for another project, and then forgot to change it back while shooting this episode and the couple that follow. As a result, the colors look kind of weird. I did the rough editing on a laptop, and I didn’t notice how off it looked until it was too late (I unfortunately don’t have time to re-shoot from scratch). Sorry about that. I’ll have this fixed going forward.

Other News:

Does everyone remember the review we did for Z Magazine? Well they’ve put out a new edition, and from all accounts it sounds absolutely fantastic. We would review it, but two of our writers (ZombieMutts and Yatkuu) have articles published in this edition, which makes a proper review something of a conflict of interest.

Despite that, we highly recommend you check it out.

54 thoughts on “Episode 196: He’s Coming Back”

  1. Well if Stew is that worried that much then, even though it is a bad idea, he and cheryll should go run to see if back there then run back if he’s not. No question?

    • Hah, I suppose they could.

  2. I knew it! http://nerdbastards.com/2012/02/15/first-look-at-the-walking-dead-video-game/?utm_source=scribol.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=scribol.com

    • Interesting. I really dig the art style here.

      • I think the two pics on the bottom are of Morgan and his son.

        • Oh yeah, I can see that now that you point it out.

  3. Well you could just say the lighting is because its noon or something and are they gunna have some romance xD

    • It does sort of look like sunrise/set. Unfortunately, that wasn’t intentional.

  4. You know, it doesn’t look half bad if you consider the scene to be getting late in the evening. If you hadn’t claimed it was an accidental reset of the white balance, I’d say this was shot like this intentionally! 😀

    • Hah. Next time I’ll lie!

  5. It’s also only been how long since Murphy went off? I know that’s a couple weeks worth in the comic. Unless it’s that whole waiting thing and time dragging out forever.

    • In actual time it’s probably been a half hour or so. It is really tough to track time here, isn’t it?

    • Well it looks like he has been gone for at least 2-3 hours maybe.

      • He’s actually not that far away. He’s right around the block.

        • It’s that whole waiting thing, when five minutes feels like hours. And with zombies… even worse having to wait.

        • Well said, Fox.

  6. I guess the question should probably be « is splitting up during a ZA a good idea in the first place?”

    Btw.. Z Magazine issue #2 is not just my first ever published piece of writing, it is also my debut as a Zombie model… so if you want to see a very ugly piece of rotting corpse that happens to be me… you know what you have to do!
    (sorry, I know how lame this must sound but I had to let it out!)

    ZM has already mentioned this before but anyone who wants to get a shot at being published should give it a try, Z Magazine needs writers!

    • Excellent point, Yatkuu. This is something aspiring horror writers should check out, post haste.

  7. I actually feel bad for Stewart. I was surprised that he was just a kid but his anxiety over Murphy makes it more obvious.

    Wanna hug him!

    • That’s some fine character development on my end!

  8. I think ZM is sending me a copy of the magazine… I shall judge it as if I was a disappointed mother.

    • Harsh Calicade. Harsh.

    • Hah

  9. Reading some of the comments above it made me think, other than sunrise/set, time would really be subjective. Someone could be out of site ten minutes and it’ld be too long in a ZA world, just because, unless you’ve learned star charting or some such, time really isn’t something you’ll be religously watching after, is it? I know I wouldn’t be, I don’t wear a watch on the best of occasions.

    • I know this is only tangentially related to your comment, but I can’t stand not wearing a watch.

      • really? I feel lost without my watch, I always like to know the time so that I can be more organised and know when I have to go somewhere. once I thought I’d lost it and I was running round the house looking everywhere.

        on a more zombie related note, sitting on top of a fire engine in the middle of a pile of bodies probably isn’t a good idea, In most things zombies can smell blood and you shouldn’t really stay in one place anyway.

        • I probably wasn’t clear. It makes me insane when I forget to put my watch on in the morning. I have to have a watch.

        • I tell the time by the sun.. And if clouds are in the sky? I just assume I don’t really need to know.

      • I hate the feeling of something dangling from my arm so no watches or bracelets. Shame since bangles and bracelets are in right now.

        I do agree about time being relative. I’m sure waiting out in the open in the ZA even for a few minutes will feel like FOREVER.

        • I think it’s just something you get used to. I’ve always worn a watch, but it took my months and months to get used to my wedding ring.

      • I used to be an ardent watch man – had a wind-up Darth Vader model from the age of six (hell, still have it; it just doesn’t work anymore) – but now I loathe the idea of any watch other than either a gift or a piece of fine European craft (like a Baume et Mercier).

        Teaching quickly killed any desire to wear a watch. I spend my days around clockwatchers… and have to obey fairly similar rhythms as they do. Wearing the watch just make the oppression of the schedule more omnipresent. It’s bad enough that it takes me a few days to break out of the habits of timing for the day (break for a snack, take your lunch, etc.), but it’s worse that I’ve spent, oh, all but 12 years of my life free of those strictures. (I’d never thought of it like that before. …where’s a beer…?)

        • That’s interesting, Lich. You’re much more concerned about fairness than any of the teachers I ever had in high school.

  10. I find the response of Stewart rather typical.. I’ve always been a person for putting it off and accepting the fact that people can take care of them selves ~ Not every one needs cheerleaders.

    • I don’t know that he’s being a cheerleader for Murphy so much as uncomfortable that he’s got fewer people to contribute to the notion of a group. Most people find that comforting.

  11. The nature of splitting up is a harsh one at best, but much worse in zombocalypses. There are your friends who you do want to find you, the zombies you don’t and other groups which could go either way but will probably go the latter. Do you wander around, do you stay still, do you look for them, etc, etc. It’s a reasonable way to bump someone off but it can be rather time consuming (see: The Walking Dead S2).

    • The Walking Dead method…. good god was that a time suck.

  12. Oh hey, I forgot the Discussion Question.

    • Here’s one for everyone, then: Would it be worse to die from natural causes, say a heart attack for instance, or from a zombie horde overwhelming you? Dying unexpectedly happens a lot more than we think, so if you’re fighting a zombie horde and drop dead before any of them get you because you had an unexpected death, would that worry you or not, and why? 😀

      • That couldn’t worry you after your dead.

      • Yeah, I’d have to go the natural causes route myself. Bearing ripped apart by hands and teeth just doesn’t sound all that fun.

        • Yeah… I’d rather die from the natural cause of a bullets force going straight through my brain instead.

        • That’s… not terribly natural.

  13. I agree with the previous comments about the lighting, it makes it look like its later in the day / heading towards dusk. It adds the dimention of time passing I feel.

    As for the discussion question put forward by BrickVoid……….I think I’d rather peg out quickly….being ripped apart doesn’t seem all that appealing 😀

    • It does sort of look like dusk. I wish I could say that was intentional. Of course, maybe I can figure out how to do that on purpose.

  14. Meh. The effects of the white balance isn’t bad but it isn’t really great either. If I were ever in the situation presented here, I would stay for as long as possible but eventually I would leave. Those who think the guy is coming back are welcome to stay and wait longer.

    • So you wouldn’t have issues leaving the group?

  15. Dont you just think that there going to have a secret relationship going on?

  16. And truly yo my opinion Stew reminds me of Glenn from the walking dead and her as Maggie dont u think?

    • CRAP just ignore the yo in there i accedently put it there.

      • I think people have speculated in the past that Stew has a thing for Cheryl. Whether those feelings are returned, however, is anyone’s guess.

  17. Anyone who wears a hat sideways….

    gets a swing from my bat to correct it.

    • Stew wearing his hat sideways was suggested by my buddy, who helped me shoot the first few episodes of the comic. A damn good suggestion, says I.

  18. all of you may hate stewart, but i like him, hes just a guy expressing his opinions, why doesnt anyone think the same thing?

  19. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to think of it, but their situation brought it to the front of my mind; they’ve come across dozens of dead cops now, why the hell haven’t they salvaged some radios? Even if you assume that the mobile network will be down for some reason, police radios are point-to-point, they don’t need an external network.