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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
As an American,or anyone exposed to American culture, you probably know a hell of a lot about guns even if you’ve never handled or fired one. Simply watching a handful of action, crime, or war movies should give one the basic concepts behind the weapon’s basic operations: loading, unloading, firing, and fiddling about with the safety (always important). Of course in real life there’s a bit more to it than that.

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  1. That zombie in panel 4’s background looks like it’s spying on them.

    • Hah, it kind of does. Zombie stalker.

      • lol

        • Oh my God my heart skipped a beat when I saw him.

        • Now that’s the best compliment this site has gotten in ages. Thank you, Nikolai!

  2. Yes a fair bit more. He needs to know all the safety measurements (Comes in my New updated Zombie Survival Advice) How to release the mag as well as inserting the mag, Cocking it, Aiming down the sights just right, breathing techniques, and the rest is common sense survival stuffs.
    But that’s just a pistol, not even talking about cleaning and maintaining here.

    • Indeed. There’s a lot to it, especially if you plan on actually hitting something.

  3. look out Shannon!! thats one fireman you dont want on you!!

    • Hah, indeed.

  4. Here in the UK we would be instantly screwed as most people don’t own a gun, and regular everyday policemen only carry firearms in emergencies, such as a zombie outbreak. But by the time the armed police got here I would already be skewering zeds with a garden fork.

    And has anyone yet pointed at the fact that in this comic, the zombies are slow, even though many of their muscular tissues are still intact so they should be able to climb, and run fast

    • Well Miles, the reason that the UK Doesn’t allow civilian ownership of guns.. Is because they plan on suppressing your opinions and ways here soon :D.. Anywho.. Its because they died before they turned it would seem. The body went offline, and the virus came online. There’s a-lot of science behind it that can be explained, but yeah.. Some times in zombie scenarios they can run.. But if ya haven’t noticed they didn’t die before they turned, and generally its blamed on rabies of some sort. Different scenarios 😀

      • Yes, these are definitely slow zombies. It all comes down to style. Some like the fast zombies, but I don’t. It made sense to me in 28 Days Later, but I never think it works in movies where the zombies have actually died instead of just being infected with ebolarabies, or what have you.

        • I absolutely love this topic and love reading what people’s opinions are. Altho I do say the “Old school slow dumb zombie” is an incorrect line of thought since the old school zombies weren’t dumb or slow.

        • Romero-style slow and dumb zombie would be much more accurate. Most people even consider the old school VooDoo zombies.

        • “Romero-style slow and dumb zombie would be much more accurate”

          *sakes finger*

          Eh….they weren’t slow or dumb tho….thats the flag and what people miss. They pick and chose to ignore the obvious parts where they were neither slow or dumb.

        • Romero zombies did get smart (which just pissed me right off), but that was films after Day of the Dead. Early Romero zeds were dumb (they did pick up rocks and carry around objects but didn’t exibit any sort of problem solving ability). When were they ever fast? The only time I can think of a relatively fast zombie in a Romero flick was in the cemetary in NotLD, which I think is more of a mistake than anything to be considered canon.

        • “Early Romero zeds were dumb (they did pick up rocks and carry around objects but didn’t exibit any sort of problem solving ability). When were they ever fast?”

          Night of the Living Dead…Black and White version. They quickly swung crowbars and knocked out the lights on the car to darken the house (speed and intelligence). They were scared of fire and covered their eyes as they backed up (intelligence)

        • Ya know what Dave and Mutts! I would like to tell y’all about a bit of a zombie development thing I had gone over the other day. I got some pretty neat ideas that require full communication. So if y’all ever wanna hear ’em ya can find me on mah Gmail. [email protected]… Good ol’ zombie thinkin’.

        • I don’t think you should count scared of fire as intelligence. To me, that’s instinct. I didn’t really like that aspect though, and that’s one instance where my zeds are different.

          The crowbar to the lights thing I’m blanking on. I need to rewatch NotLD, it seems.

        • With all due respect Dave that’s being pretty liberal and selective with what is considered instinct vs intelligence. You can swing a baseball bat at a Zeds head and they won’t flinch…just merely move forward. But a Zed then instinctually backs away and hides from flames across a yard?

          And I don’t mean to start dissecting scenes but my point is…. I do, in my opinion, think people get far too boxed in with the thought of “old school zombies” when old school zombies where themselves not so different from modern zeds in certain ways and have been somewhat falsely stereotyped.

        • @Calicade…I don’t have anything to do with this site. I just sponsored one contest and comment too much 🙂

        • I’mma have to agree with Dave on that. Zombies do seem to have more of a Pack Mentality/Instinctive learning process in which they go through during their zombie-fication. Though that’s also where the idea of ‘Hording’ zombies comes into play, the pack always roams together. But no one ever thinks of the Flight Or Fight scenario with zombie interactive communication. Sooo much to talk about and.. I don’t know how much space.. Really wanna get these zombie ideas out.. AND SO I WILL.. The kind of zombies I am about to destroy your channle with text are for my Groups Modern Sand Box Zombie Game (Not an actual game, but ya know.> Good ol’ text n’ what not. Only taking science into consideration and other things… Like realism..)

          See how I had planned our zombies to be, if the idea is accepted is to be like so.
          They are slow moving and have a pack mentality like no other. If a hungry weak zombie was to ever actually encounter a human alone, then they would instead of attack on sight. Run away and try to hide.
          Only freshly turned, or freshly nourished zombies actually have the mentality and the brave heart to attack alone. Maybe even a zombie that, before it died was quiet the intelligent one, goes around finding other zombies starting its horde. Or a zombie of stronger attributes, attacking the human in order to draw more attention to them, gathering their horde. That all comes down to my ideas of Leadership….
          They lead, and communicate through moans and sort of screeching moans. They are smart, but in a instinctive sort of way. They only ever get smarter, or a little faster is if they have all just fed. I like to think that a fed zombie, is a strong zombie.
          The ‘normal’ zombie can only climb things if its in arms reach, and if they can drag themselves up it. Unlike.. See below.

          ^ Though those zombies don’t have a chance of figuring out how to use weapons, or do things humans do.. But these loner zombies are far different.
          In the wild you won’t see a bear and wolves fighting.. Mainly because your reading this while you could be watching that awesomeness. (Mostly only on TV…) But its been speculated that a zombie horde is like the wolf pack. And so I based this zombie off of the bear. Smart as a loner and especially more powerful than a pack zombie. I haven’t named the zombie type yet, and most likely won’t. But this zombie takes and processes human activity, copying what they do if they see it. They are loners because they tend to eat other zombies to keep nourished, as well have the nact for picking up weapons (Anything really) and using them as weapons. They arn’t after infecting anyone, but instead are after to kill and eat to make themselves stronger. Only reason they won’t be able to use a gun, is because they can’t see the finger pulling the trigger. They are angry zombies with angry passion in their undead mind.

          Now I plan on these zombies to be a Brain and spine only kill sort of zombies. Destroy the Spine or the brain, the virus is there for traumatized and killed, as well killing the host. I had also thought of a unique way of rotting, instead of fulling rotting all the way to the muscle, they instead only rot away the none important. Flesh, Fats, hair, cartridge, and so on. Muscle deterioration only starts if they haven’t eaten for a month or so….

          So what y’all think about my zombies? I have a-lot more to them, and what not. But I didn’t wanna fully spam and flood this comment section.. I plan on that here in a few days on the Zombie Survival plan page.

        • And I know Mutts, but you seem like a fellow to speak over zombies with.

        • I firmly believe that if zombies were to go for an evening stroll, they would be able to run or at least jog. Because, the only part of their body that (supposedly) has any feeling is the brain. But since the zombie is like a computer with it’s only task to exterminate and populate, the brain (or Master Control Unit, really) would command it’s newest body to take charge and eliminate any threats by any means possible, including running. So if your zombie once was a skinny kid but could run faster then Forrest Gump, the zed would break out into all-out sprint and just attack the human in any way. On the other hand, a zombie that was once a fat old war Vet., would probably make a jog / shuffle movement towards the target, then attacking it with what fighting standards it learned in the past life.

          … but of course, I prefer slow zombies.

        • Man this is turning into an interesting post.

          Getting back to ZombieMutts, I think the question of whether avoiding flames in intelligence is a pretty sticky one. Yes, it’s an act of self-preservation, but it’s also done automatically.

          I think part of this comes from where NotlD originated, as an homage of sorts to I am Legend, with the vampires of that book replaced by the ghouls (never referred to as zombies) of the film. At that point, I don’t think Romero had completely fleshed out the idea of what his zombies were and could do, which is why you see some tool usage (the crowbars you pointed out) and that kind of fast zombie in the cemetary.

          The idea was very nascent, and came a lot further by the time Dawn came out. But even then, the zombies in Dawn were capable of more manual dexterity (climbing ladders at the end, for example) than we typically associate with “classic zombies”.

          I guess the important takeaway is that there isn’t a set of rules. Every zombie movie, TV show, short story, stage play, game, etc. are all different. It’s at once interesting and frustrating.

          I think I need to give this more or a think and do a blog on it. It’s a fantastic point and – judging from the discussion – seems to be a point of interest here.

        • Dave…I have a response but if you’re going to do a Blog post I wouldn’t mind doing a counterpoint post if you’re up to that that you can post at the same time? Or I could just argue in the comments. Your call.

        • A counter-post sounds like a pretty cool idea to me.

          The post I’m envisioning is going to be talking about there isn’t any sort of hard and fast rule, even within movies set in the same universe.

        • “The post I’m envisioning is going to be talking about there isn’t any sort of hard and fast rule, even within movies set in the same universe.”

          The post you’re envisioning from me? Then yes thats what I would write about. If that’s the post your going to do then I probably wouldn’t have a useful argument unless I annoyingly split hairs.

        • Yeah, that was a bit unclear, sorry. I meant the post I’m thinking about writing.

        • yeah scratch that. I probably wouldn’t have enough ammo to make a good post. I was kind of hoping to do something like how this discussion went but with more time to fine tune ideas.

          However its an open offer for any topic I see different than you. It would be fun. Especially when the site gets a big bigger with vocal comments.

        • What I mean is that if the infected body has just been turned, many of it’s muscular systems should still work, meaning it should be able to run. I mean, the muscles in the legs don’t just go to waste do they?
          And an idea for the comic: I’d like to see what zeds do in their spare time. Do they hide, or amble around, or do they attack inanimate objects eg.chairs? I would love to see one do that.

        • “What I mean is that if the infected body has just been turned, many of it’s muscular systems should still work, meaning it should be able to run. I mean, the muscles in the legs don’t just go to waste do they?”

          Boom! Get out of my head!

        • I can definitely see the logic in that. I’ve heard people say before that zombie should start comparatively quick and slow down as they get more beat up.

          In my mind – that is to say with my zombies – it has more to do with lack of muscle control and coordination that musculature.

          And as far as a strip showing what zombies do when they’re not eating people goes… well that’s just a cool idea right there. I might have to do that.

  5. OMG SHANNN LOOK OUT!!!!WAIT if there’s a zombie there then there are two possibilites 1.sam moissed it or 2.(GASPS)HE DID’NT MAKE IT!i REALLY REALLY hope it’s 1!
    anyway the charecters should be more observant.

    • There could always just be stray zombies here and there too. It’s not like they’re compelled to check out the radio, especially if they hear something else closer.

  6. There’s always one more zombie! Let’s hope he didn’t invite any friends! 😀

    • Well said.

      • You could always surprise everyone by having that zombie speak! Maybe he got a CB mike stuck up his throat! 😀

        • Hah. Now that would be a surprise. Radio Zombie.

        • It’s like he has an iPod stuck in his throat, and something like Screamo comes on and attracts all the zombies away from Sam.

        • This reminds me of any number of cartoon show plot points where some character or animal eats a phone or radio. Hilarious!

  7. This whole scenario here reminds me of playing Nazi Zombies on CoD. The dead zombie would really be the crate. Once there is an opportunity to take a break, one person opens the Mystery Crate to get something new. Meanwhile, everyone is watching to see what that person gets from the crate.While everyone is watching, one zombie sneaks up from behind and takes out the whole team. That’s about how far I get, presuming I actually work with the team.

    • Sounds like a ton of fun, actually. I hear the CoD games kind of suck on the PC (I just can’t play FPS on a controller) though. Of course I don’t have the time to play them right now anyway, so maybe that’s a good thing.

      • The only reason I would ever get CoD for the PC is for console commands.

        • i loved nazi zombies…too bad i can only make it 3 rounds.i mainly love the screams they make i just think that’s awesome.

        • I have to admit, I’ve never even used a real gun, only airsoft and in games. But still, I play with them enough to know how one works. A lot of people say that having guns in homes are a very bad thing, but as long as that person knows how to use their firearm it’s not really a matter of whether there’s a gun in the house or not, just that the person knows how to use it.

          “I’ll keep my guns, money, and freedom! You keep the change!”

        • Woops, this comment was meant to go on the bottom of the page.

        • I grew up with guns in the house (we weren’t gun people, but I grew up in the country so everyone had a gun or two). It was never a problem. When I showed an interest in them, my dad took me out to shoot and teach me safety. When they weren’t being used (99.9% of the time) they were locked away.

          Guns aren’t inherently dangerous. People acting foolishly are.

        • Yeah, I’m not sure if we even own a gun. Probably my airsoft are he closest thing. But I’m sure BBs won’t kill a zombie. .22 maybe, but not a BB.

        • Yeah, I think a BB would do more or less nothing to a zombie. You’d probably be better off throwing the gun at them 🙂

        • Like Jonathan in The Mummy.

        • Hah, yep. Although wasn’t he revealed to be a competitive shooter in the sequel?

          Damn sequels.

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    • Captain America and Iron Man would be outstanding. Magneto too, for that matter.

      • Honestly I could not care less about the comic aspect…I’m after the weird bricks and heads that will come out of it.

        But man…I really want that armored batmobile for myself. It won’t make sense sitting next to my zed mocs…but man….how can you not want it…glorious armored vehicle of awesomeness.

        • Sometimes you just want a thing because it’s cool, dammit.

        • so many new themes.0_0

  9. WB builds on Lego partnership
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    • Cool minifigs, but more overpriced licensed set. It cuts both ways.

      • see star wars for proof^^^

        • Exactly.

        • i started drooling when i read that i can’t wait for “the dark knight rises”always wanted a batman minifigure..

      • I’m really hoping they do big sets of 2000 + pieces.

    • Now that would be cool, can’t wait. I picked up all of the Batman Lego sets!

      • I missed the boat on Batman (and Spiderman for that matter), so I’m glad I’ll get another chance.

    • every tme i read that i drool alot.it’s so awesome!!!!

  10. Dave stew is going to get himself killed. Many ways one where he shoots the gun one handed like in the movies and the zombie stalker bites him. Or he shoots himself or someone else. Did u add the zombie their to make look like a stlaker or u just put him there?

    • the kick of the gun being to powerful. needs to be added to the second sentance.

      • Excellent points, Guy. You don’t play around with guns unless you’re looking for trouble.

  11. I think its amazing how far you have come from episode 1 i also yelled when i sall the backround zombie, “TURN AROUND YOU STUPID PEOPLE!” and my brother looked at me funny 🙂

    • Thanks BuilderNate! I love that my silly little comic can illicit a response like that from people. It’s so cool.

      • i wonder if in the next episode that backround zombie is gonna attack or follow them with a giant horde of zeds?

        • We’ll find out Monday!

  12. Hey Dave have you ever thought of making a stop motion series on youtube of bricks of the dead. it would be awsome. and of the conversation, the zombies from the movie zombie land could sprint, but i guess thats because it was so modern and the survivors were super badass. But in bricks of the dead everybody could die faster and we still don’t know if there are more survivors.

    • I have indeed thought about it, and – done well – it could be badass. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the patience to do much with stop motion. It’s something I would love to do at some point though.

      Zombieland did indeed have fast zombies, but that’s just not for me. Bricks of the Dead is going to stick with slow zeds.

      As far as other survivors go, we’ll be meeting some before too long.

      • ya but i think it would be awsome with a stop motion to here stew’s voice. i think the survivors should take shelter at a place with a trap door like the pet shop and have a gun or two. or give stew a guy and he trys to use it and he forgot to load it and he almost dies when a masked survivor saves him.

        • I’m not ruling out giving anyone guns. They just have to come by them reasonable.

          Besides, Murphy has guns (and now bullets).

          Stewart bumblefucking around with a gun could be pretty hilarious.

  13. i know he could get himself and evreyone else killed. btw did you get the little waist pack from brick forge or minifig world there awsome. and is there enyone alive in the news room just wondering because there was a zed and that guy had a pistol.

    • I got them from Brickforge. Really, really cool little product right there.

      We’re going to be getting back to the newsroom guys in a couple of weeks when this arc is over, actually. When we left them they were alive, but the cameraman had been bitten.

      • awsome were did you get the idea for this comic i read them every week. btw if the camera man was bit i would put him the basement. And i would use the pistol and send a emergency brodcast of how to kill the zombie fast and easy.

        • I’ve always been a big fan of zombies. I’d written a few short stories, tried to make a couple short films (and failed), and wanted to do a comic. Once I saw another LEGO comic it all came into place. When I visited my parents’ the next time I grabbed all my old LEGO and started buying new stuff. The rest is history.

  14. Ha, only just spotted the fireman zed in the background. Shows how observant I am. Lets hope they can shut him up quick before more come after them.

    • I was really hoping some people would miss him. I didn’t want him to stand out, but I didn’t want to try to hard to hide him either.

  15. Well thats awsome my friend thinks you should get these comics published and take them to brick con in washington. that would be cool. of the coversation the survivors should go to the pizza parlor but i would remake it. like i remade mine so its bigger and i made a pizza oven with a couple of yellow light bricks so the fire looke on fire sorry if im commenting alot i just have alot of questions and ideas.

    • I wish I could publish (or that anyone would be willing to publish me). Unfortunately, LEGO would probably sue me.

      I would like to remake the pizza parlor so it’s bigger and more in-line with the other street sets I use.

      • ya lego could sue you because your using there product to make money, but the say build anything you want. and the pizza parlor is good because it has tables chairs and you could make pizza but if there was like a costco kind if place they would have alot of supplies.

        • Man, if I had the brick collection to build a Costco, I’d be dangerous.

      • “I would like to remake the pizza parlor so it’s bigger and more in-line with the other street sets I use.”

        Thats funny because I want to do the exact same thing altho I want to make it a large gas station. I almost bought it last Friday when I did some serious damage at the Lego store near me.

        BTW —We’re getting a LegoLand to. 2 Lego stores and a Lego land within 20 minutes of me. Awesome.

        • I suck at the reply button it seems

        • We recently got a LEGO store here. I finally visited about a month ago. I’m glad it’s not closer to my house, otherwise I’d be poor with a very angry wife.

        • Its a shame the Pick a Brick wall is so….meh.I would have easily been willing to buy 5 or 6 large cups but ended up with 1 mildly interesting cup.

          I’m hoping to find that Green Grocer set at LegoLand for $150 when it opens. Its my understand they are the only places that really have random old sets new for relative MSRP.

        • The PAB Wall at our (Troy, Michigan) was much better than I thought it would be, and I walked out with three large cups – I was even told by the clerk that she’d never seen anyone pack them so well.

          The first LEGO Store I went to (one of the Chicago locations) was quite terrible and I only walked out with “1 mildly interesting cup”, as you so eloquently put it.

        • I do fancy myself a wordsmith at times.

        • the only lego store near me is in new jersey (i’m in pa) 🙁

        • It used to be the closest one here was either Ohio or Chicago. To be honest, I’m surprised they built a LEGO Store around Detroit. Of course, they put it in the fanciest mall in the area.

  16. I know my friend went to a lego store and spent more than 100$ on a bunch of bricks and made one until his little brother destroyed it. or you could make a big five because there is a big five by my house and it has police shotguns hunting rifles and stuff.

    • I’ve never heard of a Big Five. Is that like WalMart?

      • if wallmart sells walls…do they sell fives?(joke)

  17. oh sorry i live on the west coast. its a sports shop with batts and airsoft guns throwing knifes pocket knives walkie talkies tents ECT……… its cool and i even have a plan with my friends if there a zombie outbreak we all would meet at big five get supllies and drive to hollywood only to live in a mansion if like russel crow or katy perry it would be awsome.

    • Ah, sounds like a Gander Mountain. I love that place.

  18. hmm gander mountain never heard of it but we live across the country from each other. but while driver murphy should see a gander mountain type of thing.

    • It’s an outdoor store. Like REI or Cabellas. But way, way smaller than Cabellas.

  19. ah i understand. but murphy should go to a place like that

    • Seems like it would be right up Murphy’s alley. Unfortunately, the town they’re in is pretty small and probably doesn’t have anything like that.

      A small outdoor/gun store, on the other hand, is a distinct possibility.

  20. that would be cool. murphy is quite a badass with his guns. and stew is a bit anoying and sam is a wuss and the girls no comment

    • I think Cheryl could be quite a badass when the need arises.

  21. Ya she seems like if she got mad enough or a close friend died she would just kill out of hate

  22. I love the way Murphy’s got his gun trained on the downed corpse. And then that last panel with the zombie shambling out/spying. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

    • Glad to see people are looking forward to it!

  23. I love the point you’re raising here.

    I have an airsoft gun… All metal, with removable magazine, and you have to slide it to cock it. There’s even a safety on the side. I looked the box over when I first got it, and it said something about it being only for “training purposes” or something. It’s almost exactly like a Beretta 92.

    But I think the safety may be in the wrong place… So even with what seems to be geared toward handgun training, I doubt I’d be ready to hold my own with a handgun. Especially when things like recoil, and maintenance are taken into account.

    I’m sure that gun-handling, like swimming and riding a bicycle, cannot be sufficiently learned simply by watching others. Once again, it’s a great point to bring up.

    • Well said, The Dude Person.

      I don’t own a handgun (but I’ve got my eyes on a nice target gun when our budget opens up) so I don’t shoot often. When I get the chance, it’s amazing how badly I do at first, even if I was doing pretty well the last time.

      Shooting is a lot more difficult that people assume.

      • Really the only handgun (If you would even consider it a handgun) that would be highly efficient in the apocalypse is the Taurus Raging Judge, or simply known as the shotgun revolver. Though if that’s not an option, the Czech CZ 75b 9.19mm Parabellum would be pretty sweet. Especially since it has a simple Fully-Automatic modification.

        • The revolver that shoots a .410 shell? That just seems like overkill do me.

        • Which is why I also like the CZ-75!

        • It seems to me most pistol should do pretty well. Heck, I’ll bet even a little rimfire could do the job if need be.

  24. Dave…is this the first 100 comment post?

    • Yes it sure is. The only thing with more comments on it is the Zombie Survival Plans page, but that’s kind of by design.

      • *bro fist bump*

        • YEAH NEW RECORD WOOT!!!!

        • Hell yeah.

          I count comments as a pretty big measure of success of the site. It tells me that people are actually engaged and interested. To get this many – especially on an episode without a lot of zombie mayhem – really makes me happy.

        • Reading an article on SEO stuffs years ago….If I recall the average is 1 comment for every 100 visits (not unique ip’s…just visits) or something is what you want to aim for. Anything below that average is just a cherry on top of the gravehhh.

          @the dude person….you’re starting to kick butt too man.

        • That’s really interesting, ZombieMutts.

          Bricks of the Dead averages around 240 visits (1325 page views) per day, so our visit to comment ratio is much higher. I think that’s fantastic.

  25. Hi, I’m just testing out the Gravatar account I just made. It should have a profile pic and a new name.

  26. Yes! It worked!

    • Excellent!

      • I could’nt find any other picture, so I took one of my cat, Soli. It was either that or a pic of a minifig that looked a lot like me. Hmm…

  27. i cant wait to see what happens on monday if the zombie calls the other ones or if stew gets bitten. so many posobilities.

    • Cliffhangered!

  28. for your zombie heads do you buy zombie defense pack and murphys blade he has were did you get it i need one for my lego chef zombie killer

    • I’ve got a bunch of different heads: Harry Potter Trolls, Zombie Defense Pack, Pirates of the Carribean Zombies, Collectible Minifig Zombies, Darth Vader, etc.

      The cleaver Murphy has is from BrickForge.

      • Do you use The Monster minifig heads too? I find them useful.

  29. wow thats awsome you should make a video showing your set for all the stuff you make your so good at building.

    • I’m working on a Behind the Scenes page right now. I’m hoping to have it up either next week or the week after.

      I wouldn’t say I’m a great builder though. I use a lot of pre-existing sets.

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    • That’s kind of loosely based on an old new van set.

      • well thats cool what camera do you use? Because in the news room the lights were of but you could still see the minifigs but there was no flashlight glare

        • I shoot on a Nikon D60. The newsroom scenes were shot with standard lighting, and then darkened in Photoshop.

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    • The LEGO zombie thing is cool, but I’d rather you develop your own character. I plan to use Murphy and tell his backstory at some point.

      • ya i also have one called z town its full of weapons the survivors find. theres me my little brother a pizza chef and know they are in the pizza parlor i remade and a cheerleader named Cassi the chef is named Vito im Brandon and my little brother is Marcus, and and a badass biker chick with blond hair named Buffy.

        • There you go. Loads of characters to develop.

          Don’t worry; we’ll learn about Murphy eventually.

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    • That’s going to be explained too. It’s not as scandalous as it might sound.

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        • Hah, nope.

          I have Sam’s backstory planned out, and I want it to be a surprise.

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    • Some more than others (Sam and Murphy are the two most developed characters since I have direct plans for their backstories), but I’ve got a pretty solid history for everyone.

      • ya but shannon is older than stew and there no hint of her being his sister aunt or mom. are all the policemen dead. were they all in the town.

        • Yeah, the police were all in town and got completely overrun.

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        • ya he wont need to use it until they find a definite place to stay .

      • Gene is also a badass with his pistol i feel like cheryl is his dauter but not because of the haircolor

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    • He’s middle aged. 30s-40s.

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      • Hey Dave i might be in the zombie freeform challenge.

        • No might…do it! 🙂

        • thanks zombiemutts 😀 for the word of advice. ive seen the stuff on your flickr page your creations are awsome

        • well thank you sir. I have more to come I just haven’t gotten around to it.

      • i posted my entry on the Flikr contest page.

        • Huzzah!

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    From the zombie’s viewpoint, it could be a unique opportunity for Dave to express what they’re really capable of – or not capable of – as the case may be! 😀

    • Shannon is a executive director of an insurance firm.

      • I already said that, your point is …. ?

        • Executive administrator. Like a secretary.

        • well i didnt know that.

        • @Dave & brickzedhunter: I’m hoping Shannon is the sort of executive who believes in maintaining a decent level of fitness when it comes to exercising, and isn’t the lazy overworked type! 😉

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    I just found videos on how to convert .22 / 5.5mm Hollow Point ammo to things like Incendiary, Tracer, and even Poison round for a .22! Think those would work?

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      Friday… I conquer the world!

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    Accuracy could be a different matter though, I know enough to know that a handgun is a hell of a lot less stable than a long gun. I’m still pretty sure I could hit the zombies from further away than they could grab me, though.