Episode 136

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
While I wouldn’t go so far as to say gamers have a huge advantage when it comes to surviving in the zombie apocalypse, they’ve definitely got one perk. Without a doubt, the gamers out there will leave no body unsearched, so they’ll be less likely to run out of ammo or miss some important item that other survivors would then have backtrack for. On the other hand, the gamer is probably also going to have some mobility issues from lugging around two hundred eighty pounds of crap because they know if might be useful down the road.

It’s a give an take, in other words.

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  1. Are you suggesting that Murphy is a gamer?

    • Hah, no. Just that picking up everything that’s not nailed down is is important to gamers.

  2. Ammo! Can’t have enough of that! But will the zombie lunge up now for him?

    • I think he would have by now.

      • Or……WOULD HE??!?!?!?!?!?!

        *cue dramatic hampster*

        • Hah, excellent counter-point.

  3. I guess that Clark the creepy camper had the right idea of taking stuff from dead zeds.

    • Indeed he did, at least in this case.

  4. SO much idea for a Sandbox zombie game.. Even though Project zomboid is coming out.. I doubt its gonna tough upon some things I think about.

    • I don’t think any game is going to be able to tackle everything.

      • I do dave.. I DO… ANYWHo.. I played some Project zomboid.. What can I say?.. I’m addicted to getting myself killed.. -.-

        • It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

        • Very!

        • They’ve got a big update in the works. I can’t wait to see that sucker come out.

        • It irritates me so much to play.. But I can’t stop!.. The moans even though.. not that good on the sound.. Just rip my spine apart, and having only one way out of a building? Its just so… Hope destroying T_T
          I just got that raider killed.. Took his Shawty, and made a spiked bat.. I decided to go out and find a belt so I could apply tension to the bleeding leg on the guys wife.. I go into a house.. And I’m about to leave.. But there’s a shit ton of zombies out front staring into the window lookin’ at mah awesome bald spot.
          Its just so irritating! I don’t know why T_T.

  5. Well, the ammo will come in handy if there are zeds roaming around! 😀

    • Damn straight!

      • Of course Murphy can’t let this opportunity pass up: He’ll have to loot every dead zed in the street there just in case some looter missed some valuable ammo! 😀

        • Hah. Ammo is important stuff.

  6. Let’s just hope that’s the right type of ammo!

    • Eh, sorry. I thought that strike meant the words went into Italics. What I mean to say was:

      Let’s just hope that’s the right type of ammo!

    • I don’t know for certain, but I would assume that most police officers carry the same caliber, if not the same type of gun.

      • True, but Murphy is a sniper, so it might just be ammo for his pistol or a rifle the others used.

        • Murphy has a murky past….of that I am certain.

        • Any theories on the murky past?

        • “True, but Murphy is a sniper”

          I ask you…HOW did Murphy become a sniper?

          I ask you…is Murphy really even his NAME?!?!?!?

      • Oh I got plenty….however I demand movie rights in case you steal my IDEAS!

        • Hah. If Bricks of the Dead ever gets picked up as a movie, I owe you a beer.

        • But I do have a few ideas to where I think you’re going or I would like to see go.

          Ugh…man I wish I had time to do one of these. What time I have no will evaporate soon.

        • Hah, don’t get started unless you’ve got plenty of time. It’s amazing how much free time this can suck up.

        • It sure does eat up time. Also make sure that you’re well settled – moving sets, let alone packing them up, is hell. (And then there’s having enough of a buffer to get through things…)

        • We’re (hopefully) moving next year. Thinking about packing and moving my collection is already giving me an ulcer, never mind having a buffer to cover any sort of shenanigans that are bound to arise.

        • “It sure does eat up time. ”

          I used to write for another website I owned…it was amazing how much time it took to quote, link and give a simply thought to a story. I can’t fathom adding in the panic of a 4 shot build.

        • Obviously I needed someone to help me with basic grammar

        • I can’t imagine how guys like Dr. Legostar, who updates 8 times a week, do it.

        • He has to have a ghost writer or a really good friend who helps. I have never seen his stuff but 8 updates? No way.

          If he doesn’t have help then he is more machine than man. Which clearly means SkyNet is upon us.

        • A new comic every day plus a bonus comic if you vote.

        • The murky past theories can be strange. Maybe HE WAS A ZOMBIE!!

          Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

        • Or maybe, Murphy was Scrimshaw in a past life.

        • The people are demanding more Scrimshaw!

        • Yes please! Can the gang make it to a harbor at some point and did Scrimshaw hiding out there?

  7. Poor Sam. It seems as if they’re taking a lot of time, and they’re not even in the car yet!

    • No one even seems concerned about Sam, do they? What a bunch of jerks.

      • i am concerned GO SAM WHOOO!!!! 🙂

  8. alright who was talking about scavenger pro a while ago?they deserve to be recognized.

    • Step up and get credit, although I’m still not 100% on what Scavenger Pro is. Sounds like some sort of shareware tool to recover lost files.

      • It’s a thing in a video game, I think.

        • it’s a new perk in call of duty came out a few months ago it allows you to pick up ammo from dead bodies i have it it’s pretty good.

  9. Sam is gonna make it! He(not really) has to live! He is one of the most important characters! And if he doesn’t than I am gonna send in a character so awesome that he can’t die and – like superman – doesn’t obey the human laws of death! He will pone! All zombies will be obliterated! And he is only armed with a spear and large shield!

    • Hah. We’ll have to see about Sam. He is a pretty important character, and we haven’t gotten his backstory yet.

      Still. It’s a zombie story. Anyone can die.

  10. just as a matter of interest-did you base your zombies on the Max Brooks interpertation, or are you just using an other type of zed? Because I can see this comic in the universe of world war z!

    • Based on the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, which is also where Max Brooks draws his inspiration.

      The difference between the Brooks zombies and the Romero zombies is that Brooks zombies require a bite to make a zombie. Romero zombies come from anyone who dies, regardless of how (discounting massive head trauma, for obvious reasons).

      We don’t know whether bites are required to make new zombies in BotD yet.

      • Actually, we do: Remember the good doctor who got choked in the throat and rapidly became a zombie! 😉 Trying to sneak one past us, eh Dave? Not if I can help it! 😀

        The good Doctor was choked in episode 110, and just 5 episodes later in episode 115, became (or at least was revealed to have become) a zombie! 😉

        • He was bitten

  11. i have an idea for Murphys backstory ok here i go “Murphy is a veteran from the veitnam war he was part of an sog squad commanded to infaltrate the main command center…the misson was a HUGE failure and murphy was the only one tha got awyay alive(becuase he was a sniper and not located in the building)how did the sog squad die? well it was a trap,as the team was about to plant the jammer…the building exploded it was a decoy!after the ended he felt out of place.one day he passed the police office and thought of this as a perfect oppurtunity to use the skills he learned in war so he signed up to be a member of the swat,2 years later the outbreak started…and that is where the comic began.The End.”pretty good no?if botd ever becomes a movie you can use that free of charge.
    i thought it over fort a few minutes and i might make his backstory into a lego movie if my camera ever gets here gotta check up on that.later!

    • i meeant “after the WAR ended” and “he passed the police office and thought of it as a perfect oppertunity” typos I HATE THEM!

      • Not bad at all.

        We’ll get to Murphy’s backstory eventually. It’s not quite as exciting as all that though.

        • hmm maybe i’ll use this(with a few changes)in a brickfilm.

        • Have at it!

  12. I have the same mentality because of all the inventory-based games around today. I had a sandbox zombie survival game in the works at one point – I only got through the basic planning and made some of the sprites (ie graphics), so I dropped it at one point – but I’d like to pick it up again someday. If I ever do, you’ll definitely be able to nick dead guys’ stuff. (that was originally part of the plan, even before it was brought again to my attention by this episode.)

    That’s a cool ammo belt-thing, is it brickarms?

    • Sounds like a cool game. I’ve been toying with the idea of one, and sort of half-assed learning some scripting. Lots of work, but cool too.

      Those are from BrickForge. Very neat.

      • Yeah, I’ve been half-ass learning JavaScript, and am currently making a small, mostly HTML choose your own adventure type game.

        But the zombie game was going to be made with Game Maker… Essentially the program people use when they can’t learn a real programming language. It’s got its own built-in, extremely simplified language, so it’s pretty versatile… But I’d still like to lean a real language before I continue working on the zombie game.

        Ah, I suspected it might be BrickForge… I just may have to pick some stuff up from them at some point.

        • I need to learn more Javascript one of these days. Versatile language, and with HTML5 you could really do some cool in-browser stuff without resorting to Flash (which is where I’m following around presently). Luckily, ActionScript (Flash’s native scripting language) is very similar to Javascript.

          Brickforge definitely has some great stuff. Riot helmets and shields, Sam’s crowbar, Murphy’s cleaver and backpage, and a few other things in the comic come from there.

  13. when/if you finish will you put the website name on teh newest comic page? i really want to try that game. the closest to the searching the zombies game i have ever played is resident evil 2&4. and even then it was a set thing. not random. and the items you got were not reasonable. ammo on someone in the english countryside? really? (resident evil 4)

    • Are you asking The Dude Person or me? If/when I finish a game it’ll most certainly go up here. Whether I will finish is a whole other discussion.

  14. i think i am talking the dude person. i don”t know anymore.

  15. can you make a go to button

    • A go to button for what?