Episode 129

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About this Episode:
Okay, anyone not see this coming?

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
There are always jobs that need to be done, no matter how much people hate doing them. From cleaning out the latrine to creating a diversion while the rest of the group escapes, we can all agree that these jobs are just no fun. The important thing is finding a fair way to assign the work. If there are only two of you, flipping a coin or playing Rock, Paper, Scissors will work. In larger groups, however, you’ll need to draw straws. Everyone gathers around and picks a straw. Whoever is left holding the short one loses. Make sure you pick a long straw.

80 thoughts on “Episode 129”

  1. What’s that face in the fourth panle from? I NEED it.

    P.S. Work has re-re-commenced on the zombie rpg.

    • Gorilla Suit Guy.

      • No wait. 4th panel is Minifigs Weightlifter 3rd panel is Minifigs Gorilla Suit Guy.

        • http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=3626bpb462 – that is definitely the head from the weightlifter. 🙂

        • I think the third panel is gorilla suit guy, forth is weightlifter.

          The collectible minifigs have yielded loads of useful expressions.

        • 3rd is for sure the gorilla.

        • Great expression on that gorilla costume wearer. I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it.

  2. Yay! Closer shot of the TV!

    • Hah, I didn’t even realize I did that.

  3. Haha, the face in 3rd panel is awesome 😀
    Let’s just hope Sam won’t freak out this time!

    • Isn’t it great? I finally took apart all my figs so that it’d be easier to find expressive faces. So far it’s working well, although I could use more organization.

  4. Do you take pictures on a set or do you build up this whole room?

    • Just built the rooms.

      I was thinking about doing a little behind the scenes page. Is that something you guys would be interested in?

      • Uhhhhhhhhhhh………… YEAH

        • Hah, right on. I’ll start putting something together. Give me a couple of weeks.

      • Definitely. I want to see if your areas not show in the picture are as big as a mess as mine.

        • Well I’m pretty anal retentive about things being put away and organized.

        • Even when you’re building? Thats when I am a mess.

          Yesterday I had the lids off 7 containers while building and my dogs stampeded right over them as they were playing. I was in the kitchen when I heard them getting run over and just kind of slumped my shoulders. Definitely my fault so I couldn’t get mad.

        • I’m a little messier when I build, but not much. Usually two or three bags/containers open and that’s about it.

      • That sure would be pretty interesting, Dave 😉

  5. Had a feeling… Kick a$$ Sam!

    • Glad to see someone still rooting for Sam.

  6. Great use of those faces, Dave!

    And a behind-the-scenes page would be cool. I’ve been thinking of doing one for a while now, we’ll see who gets theirs out first.

    • Sounds like a challenge!

  7. I’m having one of those “No no no!” moments now. I think I still like Sam enough for him not to die…

    • Hah. So you’d just like to see him suffer a bit?

      • The Sacrifice, much?!?! (from L4D)


        • Bill is still alive! His corpse would never let us have his M16!

        • Poor Bill.

          I can’t say that I loved Left 4 Dead of the sequel, but the first one had great characters and they’re both fun to play here and there (although I suck at them).

          I wish they had a mode that took out all the special zombies, made the regular ones slow, and required headshots for kills. I’d play the bejesus out of that.

  8. Well, I don’t think Sam will die. But if he does. Zombie Sam WOOOO 😀

  9. no don’t die sam!i have a feeling he’s doing this to get the hsndcuffs off let’s hope murphy has the key now 😛 but really i hope sam says alive!
    a behind te scenes page would be awesome!mabye a picture of your REAL face 🙂 we’ve never seen that before!
    i just found out that sam,stewart,shannon,cheryl,the nurse,gene,the prisoner with the shotgun and scrimshaw are all from lego sets and not customs 😛 but thats fine i use charecters out of the box too sometimes.

    • Oh yeah, I use a lot of stock figs.

      • what about the picture of you in REAL LIFE never got an answer thanks for the answer!

        • Probably not going to happen. I pretty much look like my avatar. Big bald dude with a goatee.

        • oh ok thanks for clearing that up!

        • Well, I’m glad you sure don’t seem like an internet stalker, or anything tyzan8. 😉

        • you don’t seem to answer me yet thedudeperson!

        • “Big bald dude with a goatee.” You sound like the spitting image of one of my family members! You don’t happen to like in California and live in a little yellow house with a white picket fence outside, do you? 😉

        • Well tyzan8, here’s the thing: webcomic authors will disclose as much information about themselves to the world as they want to.

          Dave doesn’t want to show a picture of his actual face here, and likewise I don’t feel like telling you anything more about myself, either. Not everyone wants their entire lives to be visible on the internet, you know. 😉

          Nikolai, perhaps Dave has a secret interdimensional portal between Michigander-land and California… And if you look all the way back to BotD Episode 1, the main characters start off in a small yellow house. So who knows?

        • @Nikolai – Nope. I like in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit. I’ve only been to California once. My house is tan (technically “wicker”, but whatever).

          Re: Photos of me
          I’m not exactly adverse to showing my face, although it’s not something I’m super keen on either. I figure a LEGO avatar is good enough.

          Come to think of it, I think there’s a photo of my son and I on the BCN somewhere.

      • I loom exactly like my avatar and there is an apple in my briefcase.

        • Do you generally wear the respirator and carry around the shotgun? Because that’s pretty awesome.

        • Well yeah. Duh.

      • Goatees are sexy… just sayin’ 😀

        • I am the spitting image of my avatar!

        • @Adelaide – They help when you don’t have much of a chin too.

          @Nikolai – Outstanding!

        • Nikolai: Sweeeet 😀

        • Yep! My face is also completely flat and shiney!

        • the reason i was asking you dave was i have seen cases where peoples sig-figs(lego mini-figures made to look like them.) look NOTHING like them.
          how do we know you are’nt your lego avatar dave?(kidding)

        • You don’t know. I might be a tiny plastic man.

  10. I saw it coming a mile away…. Mainly because they lack in leadership..

    • Hah. Well if they did everything right it would get pretty boring.

      • I like to point out the flaws of their group as a unique criticizer. I still do love this webcomic of course.

        • I hope so. This is a quality strip.

  11. it looks like sam’s peeing his pants. :-/

    • That’s an interesting interpretation of his facial expressions.

      • yeah it is!

        • He doesn’t look happy about it, that’s for sure.

      • Tee-hee 😀 😀

  12. Time to see what Sam’s made of! His character, I mean, not his blood type or anything gruesome! 😉

    • Plastic. Sam’s made of plastic.

      • ^you take that back!!!!

        • Hah. Sorry. I’ll endeavor to explore the depth of his soul. Unless he gets eaten by zombies.

      • Yes but what qualtiy of plastic? Enquiring minds want to know! 😀 Hopefully it’s not the godawful Chinese-made plastic! 😉

        Seriously though, we’ll find out whether Sam has what it takes to regain the valued member status of his group soon enough! 😀

  13. Off topic but awesome


    • Isn’t that thing something? Luckily for me I have not the time, the money, or the space for such a thing.

      • Even tho I grew up a massive star wars fan I am not too terribly interested in Lego star wars but this model is absolutely amazing. The money I have spent on legos messing with the zombiepocolypse theme pales in comparison to what it takes to have a wide collection of Star Wars sets. I cringed when I dropped $150 for the PetShop which in hindsight was worth every penny but $400 for that….can’t do it.

        Maybe we can get an off topic lego section when this gets a few more regulars.

        • I completely agree. A 150 on the modular buildings is tough. I can’t imagine dropping any more than that, especially on a site like this that, while cool, would give me very little utility.

    • Wow. Apparently, it’s 50 inches and 8 pounds long. It’s so big, they’ve resorted to using weight measurements to describe its length! As Vader would say… Impressive. Most impressive.

      I don’t have the time, money, nor space for it either, despite its awesomeness. I have too many LEGO Star Wars ships clogging up valuable space already.

      • I’m amused that something can be “8 pounds long”. That is fantastic.

        • that is an amazing joke!

  14. Now, if the behind the scenes page had videos, photos, and all the other stuff a behind the scenes page would have, it would be AWESOME! Plus, a BotD store would be the best thing ever!nit couldnhave shirts, hats, and even pieces used in the comic! Cool idea, huh. Please answer both questions. P.S. You could make good money with a store!

    • Behind the scenes will have photos for sure. I don’t know about video. I don’t really work with video and I’m not sure how to do anything interesting with it that wouldn’t be just completely self serving.

      As far as a store goes, I could always setup something with Cafepress or something like that, but there are some caveates. LEGO doesn’t let you sell stuff with their products in it, so I couldn’t make, say, a coffee mug with a photo of Stewart decapitating a zombie. Anything I sold would have to be things like the logo on a t-shirt.

      If that’s something people are interested in, well I can certainly take a stab at it, since I like money any all.

      • Yeah they can only be done in CAD if I am not mistaking.

        But there are a few unofficial lego guides out there for building that have photos of pics. Not sure how that works or if its even legal. Maybe they only allow them to be poorly lit pictures of grainy block…because that’s how they turned out. Serious about that. I know quality of photos is a copy right issue.

        And Legos (<trademark violation) fair play policy is moronic.

        • I don’t know how some guides get away with it. Possible by not using the logo or showing the LEGO name on studs.

          I can understand TLG’s idea behind their fair play standard, but it seems a bit ridiculous at times.

        • I support protecting their brand and all of that. Its their right and they should be able to enforce it.

          But their whole word ownership thing is right along the microsoft playbook. You can’t own a word. Meh….lots of companies do it tho. Just abuse of the legal system IMO.

        • The word thing doesn’t bother me too much. Protecting your trademark is an important part of intellectual property law and I can respect that (I didn’t complain when I had to rename my comic).

          What bugs me is that I can’t really use their product as an artistic medium and then sell a likeness of it. I know it’s a little apples and oranges, but can you imagine a company that makes paint telling artists that you can’t sell prints of a portrait painted in their product?

        • ZombieMutts, what the hell are you talking about?
          “You can’t own a word.” – What word? Are you talking about the word LEGO? Didn’t you just say you supported their right to protect their brand?
          “Abuse of the legal system.” – Umm, nope. Preventing people from trading under your name isn’t ‘abuse’ of the legal system, it’s the exact reason trademarks exist in the first place.

  15. That would be great