Episode 128

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Misc. News:
I added three new characters to the Character Bio page. I honestly don’t know how I forgot them before.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Believe it or not, there’s a very compelling reason to keep some dead weight on your team. You know that guy who keeps making too much noise and attracting zombies? Or the lady who complains incessantly about every inconvenience. Well sooner or later you’re going to run into an inescapable situation, and you’re going to need one of the team knuckledragers to volunteer for suicide duty. Just think, if you hadn’t kept them around you’d have to choose between the guy with medical training, the woman who knows how to reload ammo, and the leader (aka you). Now aren’t you glad you let the pains in the ass tag along a little longer?

63 thoughts on “Episode 128”

  1. I say you make the dog do it carry it across to a gunstore owner.

    Oh wait, that’s from the Dawn of the Dead remake I just watched… 😉 (actually a very good zombie movie, I think.)

    I like the cliché today. If only ass-pains were as useful in real life…

    • Hah. I was thinking about watching that today. I just might.

      Thanks! I know, I’ve got a couple asspains at work who show no sign of being useful. Maybe when the zombies show up…

    • @ the dude person….I just re-watched that too. To be honest I think it’s a terrible movie but I thought the way they did the interaction between characters on the buildings was awesome.

      • I don’t know why, but I liked it quite a bit. It’s got fast zombies for no good reason (they make sense in 28 Days/Week Later), it’s an unnecessary remake of an awesome movie, has too much machine-gun editing, it’s predictable, and more than a little silly. Still, I enjoy it every damn time I see it.

        Now I watched the Day of the Dead remake lately. Holy crap is that a terrible movie.

        • I take your Day of the Dead remake and I raise you one Survival of the Dead.

          Not to derail this topic too much Dave but I must confess this to my fellow Zombie lovers who I enjoy spending my work day chatting with on this lovely site….I ZombieMutts, pretty much hate every Zombie movie ever made. Now I do love a few…28 days later, Dead Girl and a few others but general I loathe them. I am a fan of Zombie books and am quickly making my way to every one ever written down to the self-published ones which while generally short and are remarkably brilliant. Not sure what it is exactly but I just can’t get into the movies. Like I was telling our fearless leader Dave here a week or two ago, I think it has to do with the lack of character development that the movies tend have as an over focus is spent on horror due to time constraints.

        • With that in mind I will try every one I come across. I started watching Return in Red yesterday and quickly buried my face in my hands.

        • I watched Survival of the Dead for the first time a couple of nights ago (wife and kid are out of town so I’m binging on zombie flicks). Terrible! Romero should really just hang up the spurs at this point.

          I’ve read a few zombie books I’ve enjoyed, and a fair bit of crap. I need to try my hand at some zombie short stories. I’ve down two, one of which I think came out rather well.

        • I’d love to read them Dave if you ever want some constructive criticism. You have my gmail good sir.

          oh and for anyone who loves zombie books…you’re missing out if you don’t have a Kindle…the number of books from $3 to free are endless. But yeah some shouldn’t have been written but some books I am reading like LZR-1143 Infection are amazing.


          I am quite stunned how its not with a publisher.

        • I think I might post the one I like as a special feature, possibly for Halloween. I’d just need to make up a couple LEGO creations to go along with it.

  2. Couldn’t they dangle it from a window with a rope on the opposite side of the building? That way the front door could be emptied out pretty easily? Maybe they could dangle some raw meat or something xP

    • I actuallly did say some thing similar where the survivors just put the remains of that apartment guy in the rubbish bin and throw it as far as they can across the street. Dave said I was thinking like a classic adventure gamer(?). And where is your profile pic hair from?

      • Both are fantastic suggestions. The rope thing may or may not come up later, as a matter of fact.

        @Miles: totally thinking like a classic adventure gamer. I used to love those, especially Space Quest.

      • Oh my minifigure pic hair?–it’s from one of the Mermaids from the Pirates of the Caribbean Whitecap Bay set :}

        And all these suggestions are nice! I can’t wait to see what happens! 😀

    • I see a rope! Look in the far left! Behind Murphy’s back!!!

      • That’s the cord for the TV.

        • What TV?

        • There’s a big TV set in the background. It’s black. You can probably see if better in some of the older episodes because the screen is now pushed up against the wall.

        • Checked all the episodes, couldnt get a proper look at it. How is it built?

        • Basically just a cube with a stuck out area in the back for the tube. Not too exciting. I’ll try to get some shots of it.

        • Who says the cord can’t be used as a rope to dangle zombie-bait? 😉

        • Oh it absolutely could. I was just clarifying what it was supposed to be.

        • Ah. Also, come to think of it, a TV that large could be dropped out the window to crush a zombie if necessary. I’ve seen it done before.

  3. I think it’s going to be Sam – but only if Dave can avoid too much resemblance to dialogue from the Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham” character, Sam. 😀

    • Will you kill zombies in a box?
      Will you kill zombies with a fox?

      • Zombies would eat them here or there
        Zombies would eat them anywhere

      • I see you’ve been waiting ages for someone to make a reference to that character! 😉

  4. Their only zombies.. Slow ones at that, all one would have to do is keep a good head about them, their environment, and keep on the move. But no it has to be a ‘die’ only plan, wheres the optimism when it comes to zombies people!? Stewart is young and with vigor! If they make the stupid mistake of sending Sam, unreliable as he mentally is at the moment he would most likely do something stupid attempting to prove himself. As well hes getting up there and with age comes the slowing effects its simple.. Unless Sam was in some possible way an awesome super duper secret implant of the government to stress test zombies for further use in wars.. Then I doubt he would be any good for ‘gun n’ run’ situations. One of the females would work, but knowing that both of them are inside workers (From what I have read) they might not have the energy and will to burst into an unending run until safe. Murphy would be a good choice but possibly getting rid of the only possible source of using a gun correctly in a group could cripple them by 60% in future times of struggle.. But who knows? Why not just chunk the thing as far as they can and book it? :3
    |None of this text was focused towards anyone, only as a personal opinion to the group situation at the time| Sam might wanna take that helmet off if he has to do it.. Narrow vision is never good.

    • I love well thought out criticism. I would point out that this isn’t necessarily a suicide plan, those are only my notes because that’s how it generally works in zombie flicks.

      • I’m just assuming that they assume that it will kill who ever is sent out. So to make those chances at least 3% less likely then they might want to put it together that the more reasonable person is indeed Stewart. I would start bringing in cliche’s but I guess I’m to much of a strategist to follow things like that.

  5. I see one flaw here, Dave. What are the chances the dead weight moron has a selfless heart and will volunteer? With that said I agree with the general idea of sacrifice. It may not be what this arc is about but it needs to be discussed anyway.

    See the problem that arises is that while keeping dead weight around for tactical purposes is a rather good defense, it requires a cunning leader to be so well respected that the group can be convinced as a whole to participate in the sacrifice of said individual because I think it would have to be a forced sacrifice .

    For instance…a group of survivors is being chased very closely by a Zed horde and they find themselves needing to enter a building as the options of where to run are slim since they are tired and their surroundings prevent further detours. Time has run out and a critical decision must be made immediately for survival. A savvy forward thinking yet devious leader would work it to where the dead weight would be in the rear so he can somehow close the door to the building before the dead weight enters. This would leave bait for the horde causing just enough pause for the group to have a chance at escape. Now while this dead weight (who likely did something stupid to draw the horde’s attention in the first place like arguing loudly over a can of low sodium spam) is pounding on the door shrieking to be let inside the group has to allow him to be sacrificed. There is no time to pause and discuss it as the horde has closed the distance, you can’t quickly open the door as the wave will pour inside trapping the group in some office foyer. WHAT happens here is all about leadership…cold yet big picture leadership.

    • Damn man, that is cold.

      • The Zombies aren’t handing out blankets, Dave. Cold is the new normal.

        *plays Iron Maiden’s Be Quick or be Dead song*

  6. could go one of 2 ways:
    1) the bad-ass of the group goes out there and seems to be eaten but gets away clean and shows up later to save them all in the nick of time
    2) the least liked member steps up to sacrifice himself for the rest. he really does get eaten but he goes out like a rock star for stepping up at the last minute.

    Personally, I’d like to see option 1 – go murphy!!

    • Both excellent options that play well with the zombie movie cliches. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.

  7. Have they searched any bedrooms? The family who once lived there probably had some sort of firearms to protect themselves. Unless, of course, they took it to fight off zombies.

    • Not that many families have firearms. Many parents feel that they could be a life-threatening danger to their children if they found them somewhere. This means that even if a family did own some sort of gun, it would probably be well-hidden or protected (i.e. locked in a gun safe, etc.)

      If you mean “famlies” as a general term for any and all residents who onced lived in the area, then I’m still fairly sure that most residents would not have owned a gun.

      I don’t own one, nor does my family (last time I checked.) Firearms may not be as common and accessible as you think…

      Although that’s not to say there’s no chance of finding weapons somewhere – I just think it’s a fairly slim chance.

      • Well then maybe “The Family” lived there and owned quite a few gun.

        • Haha , I suppose that’s always a possibility too!

      • The accessibility of guns depends entirely on where you live.

        Where I live there are lots of guns. In fact most house have several.
        The majority are for hunting, killing vermin, and/or self defense. We defend ourselves against bears, wild dogs, and bad guys.

        Do not mock wild dogs. they can be very dangerous ( normally not lethal, but theycan tear you up bad.)

        • Oh I absolutely agree. I grew up in the sticks, where guns in homes were very common. In towns a bit less so.

          They didn’t happen to find any guns here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t guns around elsewhere.

  8. i still like my plan.
    1)go up to the roof.
    2)throw the boombox off the roof.

    • and maybe put pillows around it?

      • Here’s the problem: if it breaks when it hits the ground, it’s done.

        If you put pillows around it, that will most likely muffle the sound. You’d need the sound to be as loud as possible, in order to attract as much attention and drown out as much of your own noises as possible.

        I think using the dead-weight (Sam), or dangling it from a window on a rope/string (or even electrical wires, if necessary) would be much smarter.

        If they use Sam to dangle the boombox out the window while they escape, then he can reposition the boombox as necessary to attract the zombies away from the group.

  9. I bet Stew is gonna say that “Sam should do that” 😀
    Then Sheryl will reply to him: “And why don’t YOU do that?”
    And then, after a moment of silence, Sam will say: “I will do it.” 😀

    Let’s see if I’m right or not 😀

    • Hah, we’ll see soon.

  10. This is where Scrimshaw returns 😀

    • The people love Scrimshaw.

      • Only if he’s zombie bait! 😉

  11. What happened to the navigation buttons, Dave?

    • Oh I’m just playing around with my theme a bit. Should be fixed now.

  12. Well, congratulations Dave! You’re officially the only webcomic I read anymore! I read S-Team for a while but it’s too Sci-Fi for my primitive brain. Brick House was good until it became a webcomic about Doctor Who refrences, not the actual story.

    • Yay me!

      I love both strips. I’ve never talked to Ian from S-Team, but I met Doyle from Brick House at a local LEGO show. Hell of a nice guy.

      I think all the Doctor Who references are just sailing right over my head. I’ve never seen the show and there’s just so much to it that it’s more than a little intimidating to start now.

      • A few friends of mine are obsessed with Doctor Who.

        And so, I know the basic plotline… But upon actually trying to watch an episode of it on TV, I became hopelessly confused.

        I agree Dave, there’s just too much to it. I don’t know if I can ever go back and try to watch it from episode 1 of season 1, but I have a feeling that it’s the only way I could ever comprehend it.

        I stopped reading Brick House after several hundred episodes, because I didn’t get almost any of the Doctor Who references. I lost interest quite quickly after that. Not a bad comic, just not my cup o’ tea.

        Anyway Nikolai, have you read any of Zombie Outbrick yet? It’s not quite as good (or nearly as long) as Bricks of the Dead here, but it might be worth a minute or two to read, if you like LEGO zombie comics. 😉

        • Zombie Outbrick is a fine comic. I’d definitely recommend it.

        • Zombie Outbrick is good. And the story looks interesting so far 😉

        • Thanks guys! (I’m glad you don’t mind my promiscuous advertising here, Dave. 😉 )

      • (spinning cliche hypno wheel in back ground)

        watch doctor who, you will watch doctor who.

        • I love how connected everything is in Zombie Outbrick!

        • Thanks Nikolai! I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      • dave your lucky you have’nt seen the show my mom is obsessed with it!
        (i am 11 by the way XD revalations!)
        how old did you think i was?

        • Personally, I thought you were 11. 😉

          From the comments on Episode 121:


          it may take a while beacause i am at my dads and only brought one of the things with me and i took a pic on my phone and it is what i am commenting on the site with now i may try it with my dads ipod and his laptop but i need to sign up for mocpages so i can put it up. plus i am at my dads for the weekend so i cant get the other ones unless i go to my moms to get something and bring it over. by the way i’m 11 in case you were wondering but i am really smart not to brag or anything i just wanted to say that to clear up the mom’s house and dad’s house thing my parents are seperated. well that is it i will work on my sam photos(they will have a funny title relating to where sam is handcuffed)i shall work on that now may take a while though lots of stuff to do well i will get to work see you later! (it took me like 5 minutes to write spellcheck and reword this comment) my phone just said calm down too many comments ha ha ha ha ha ha

          Even before you said that, I still thought you were somewhere around 10-12 years old; I could tell by the way you write.

        • i never knew anyone read that comment it was placed only a few minutes before the new comic came out.
          anyway you should see me in person i look like i’m 15 beacause i’m really tall (no joking).
          how old are YOU blokcomics? HA!

        • At first glance some people might estimate your age on your height. But there are other characteristics that an experienced person will use to take the height factor out of the equation. People like police officers have training in such matters as age assessment, and it’d be much harder to fool them.