Colony Episode Ten



Yeah! Great episode! Great light effect on panel 2. I really like the “no thanks, I don’t want it” atmosphere reigning in this episode… Those bad ass space marines seem to know what they have to deal with, LOL.

Picky here (again…) but panel 4 shot is way slanting… IMHO panel 4 and 5 should have been shot the same way (pelvis to head level on the minifig like in panel 5).

One of the best episode of this comic so far!!


Picky is good! No worries.

When you see weird photos like that most likely what has happened is its a re-shoot. There was a HUGE learning curve here for me so I had to redo many aspects of the comic.

For me, the body language was the most difficult aspect of shooting the comic. Every photo has to be moved and adjusted for the story line that needs to be matched for context. It can be tedious and easy to forget one minor detail like the way a hand is turned.


Okay, so obviously I didn’t need any psychic ability to know you guys were going to love this series. Evan has done an absolutely amazing job, and I’m thrilled to be able to host it here while I’m taking a break.

So here’s the question: do you guys want to see more of this now before we return to your regularly scheduled Bricks of the Dead? I don’t mind taking another week or two to help be build up a bit of a supply of comics.

Oh, and we’re also going to be publishing Colony as a downloadable comic, so you’ll get that either way.


Both ways work for me.

As I post on another episode, I feel like Evan’s Colony might suit better in a full tank downloadable comic but on the other hand I also feel that it’s a great experience for Evan to be scheduled on a site like yours.

I’ll say give the guy some more time under the spotlights!! I mean we all like the story and the work he made. Let’s reward him a bit more ;-).

Go Evan!


Dave I am good with whatever style suites you best. As soon as every episode is posted I am dumping the entire thing on flikr and a few other sites.

However, I really don’t want to disrupt your story in any way.


Well…that’s a Cowboys star but no not really. I’m not a sports fan at all anymore. I won’t bore you with the reasons but I am truly apathetic about it.


I’m of two minds on it. I really like having it posted individually now, because everyone is digging it (naturally), and it’s generating good discussion. It is a bit longer break to BotD, though.


Dave, the only question in my mind is when do you get back from vacation? 😀 I’m of the opinion that 39 comics isn’t that many overall, maybe you could schedule the remaining comics into your publish cycle once you’re ready to move forward with new episodes of BotD. I also wouldn’t object to having Evan’s episodes between episodes of BotD, as long as there’s at least two per week. But mainly, it’s up to you! 😀


Let mne clarify that a little further: At least two BotD episodes per week as per your new proposed schedule. Evan’s episodes you can fit as many of as you deem necessary. 😀


I’m back from vacation now, using the rest of the week to get caught up at work. Fun stuff.

I had considered mixing them in, possibly as weekend features of something like that.


Weekend is perfectly fine with me. I think that was our original plan like a year ago.


I’d use this break for an elapsed time through the storyline. And you can bag and tag some a couple of episodes while the Marines go off to their bug hunt.

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