Colony Episode Nine



Typo in one of the word balloons: “this this”.

I got to say, he’s just asking for trouble, gathering all of them around a hostile predatory alien like that.


Hi Evan,

Something I wanna ask you about your comic, did you create it like a full story readers could download or get as a whole 1 piece of work or, like Dave’s BotD, a webcomic on a specific schedule, one episode after an other?


This series is 39 episodes long as I created it. So a short story I suppose you could say. Once Dave comes back I’ll dump the rest of it on Flickr or Deviant Art.

I really wish I could do a ongoing story like Dave. I really made this comic as a creative outlet to learn how to write a story in a different format, to learn how to use my camera and to learn how to edit pictures.


So I hope you learned a lot, as a “training” your work is already a great piece of art. Your best asset (so far IMO) is your use of points of view. I really like the different angles you take, using all the space available (not easy), we don’t feel the “4th wall” effect in your work. Of course your building sets are awesome too.

From what I already read I think your story is better suited for a full tank release instead of a ongoing story, 39 episodes is already a nice story!

You only need to improve the editing part. Speech bubbles and panels positioning, small details that make the comic even a better experience to read.

Anyway keep up the good work, it’s a great comic. Well done sir!

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