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A Little Diversion

It seems to me that the comic is far too focused on character development, and telling a story. While that’s all fine and good, I feel like it’s missing an important element that a lot of today’s high-profile entertainments have: a show completely dedicated to fan wank. That’s right, instead of putting out three episodes of the comic a week, I’ve decided to cut back to one, followed up by two episodes of Bricks of the Dead: After Hours, to discuss what just happened on the comic. It’s sort of like having a water cooler conversation with your friends at work about your favorite show, but you don’t get to actually participate; you can just watch.

Fun, right?

About this Episode:

You may have noticed that I swapped out the head that I normally use. I figured it was probably time to update it to look a bit more like me, since I’ve had a full beard for quite a while. I’ve also been wearing glasses a lot more often lately (I usually wear contacts), but I didn’t have a bearded head with glasses that wasn’t also used by Chris Doyle. So, there you go. I should probably update my gravatar at some point.

Discussion Question: Guests and Questions?

So what sort of guest stars do you want to see show up on Bricks of the Dead: After Hours? What sort of questions do you want answered? You see, that’s the beauty of these sorts of shows, the audience comes up with a good deal of the content, making my job just a bit easier.

28 thoughts on “Bricks of the Dead: After Hours”

  1. Not this one? 😀

    • Only a goatee, and no glasses. I should just post a photo of my ugly face and let people suggest a head to use.

  2. This new series looks interesting

    • Glad you like it! I’m quite excited.

  3. Hmmm … *looks at date of publication* I see! 😀

    • It’s always nice to start something new either on a Monday, or the first of the month.

  4. BTW, Dave, I’ve always thought your current gravatar suits you best. You’re always smiling, and when you made that Second String comic where you paid the investigating officer to close the case, that was who I imagined you to be, and still do to this day! 😀

    • See my correction below: I’m referring to the Bonus Features comics, not Second String! 😀

      • Hah, I always loved that comic.

    • That would be an interesting crossover though…

  5. Also, not to worry you too much, but where have the archives for the extra strips you published, the “behind the scenes” comics themselves? The ones you were doing until you discontinued them in favor of more comics for the slot they were filling! 😀

    • I mean the Bonus Features comics, the link to them seems to have gone missing from this site. Also, the archive list of episodes has also gone missing although with over 500 episodes, that’s understandable! 😀

      • Yeah, I’m messing around a bit with the navigation, and removed the archive temporarily. It’ll come back once I finish the new design for the site. The Bonus Feature comics are still there; try the search function.

  6. Haha, I did the same kind of avatar head-swap after I got rid of my beard, but I built it into a standalone episode:

    I have to say, though, you might consider going the other way around, with two BotD episodes and then one after hours. I’m sure part of this is to ease your workload, but do you really want your volume of supplementary material to outweigh your primary material?

    • Ah, nicely done. I might have to do something like that if I shave this thing off at some point.

  7. Scrimshaw should be hosting

    • He only speaks Dutch, but he’d make a fun guest.

      • FL might be able to help you translating. Just saying.

        • Oh, good call!

  8. Dude! You need to interview one of your zombies!

    • That would be fun, although certainly linguistically challenging.

      • FL won’t help on this one… Sorry

      • You could try responding with what the zombie’s thinking … Or you could have him bite the interviewer, although which of your zombies would be willing to bite an interviewer if he’s also the author of the comic? 😀

        If Dave’s zombies know one thing, it’s the one person that doesn’t get bitten, ever! 😀

        • Hah, got to keep them well trained.

  9. Make this new series good Dave like bonus features

    • Glad to see some people enjoyed the Bonus Features.

  10. Ahaha, I see what you did there, “Kris Spazwick.” Is he a part of The Brick Nerdist, by any chance?

    • Indeed he is. I was wondering if anyone even noticed my character name.