Bricks of the Dead: After Hours Part 2

And So it Goes

And this, my friends, is the end of the After Hours series. That’s right, as most of your figured out on Wednesday, this was my April Fool’s joke for 2015. Rather than just abandoned it completely, though, I figured we’d go out with a bang.



What’s the writing on the zombie’s back say? I get “BOC inmate” but the writing is fairly blurred, so I’m not sure if that interpretation is correct or not! 😀

As for the comic itself, nicely done, Dave! 😀 I really like the way the set background looks, you should save that design for someplace else in the comic you could really use it! 😉


Thanks, BV. I quite like the background too; I’m going to have to pickup more of those large slopes.

Not Pete Clines

I really like the background, too. I was trying to figure out if it was something you’d printed up or photoshopped and suddenly I realized how you did it. Very nice. 🙂


As for not meaning any ill will to Mr Hardwick, he’s going to appear as a zombie in your comic one day! 😀 In an altered form, certainly, but one of these days we’ll look at a zombie and say “there goes Mr Hardwick!” 😀


Hah, you know me too well. He might just show up outside of Ted’s house.


I love how while the guy is getting devoured, Dave is just kicking back, sipping from his mug with a smile.


So Scrimshaw owes his continuing existence to his lack of English language skills? Nicely crafted sir.


I would give you two thumbs up, but I’m afraid your guest would eat them! 😀


Yeah, you’re going to want to keep your arms and legs as far away from the guest as possible.

Nom Zoms

Ha ha, great ending. Still better then when you convinced us you were moving away from lego and into painting the comic on your computer. That was a classic!


I had a feeling this Kris Spazwick would be annoying anyway…

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