Bonus Features Episode 22: Conspiracy?

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Bonus Feature Cliché Lookout: Conspiracy?

I’m a nerd. That means that I love to see how things are made, especially things like movies, games, comics, websites, etc. You know, nerdy stuff. There’s just something cool about seeing how a certain special effect was created, scene setup and shot, or the battle of wills in the background of most great art. While today’s bonus feature doesn’t really show how this award winning* comic is made, it does give us some insight on how another really interesting thing gets started: a conspiracy.

While generally bonus features don’t cover things like this, trouble on the set is always a fascinating thing. Several feature length documentaries have been made about troubled productions, such as Lost in La ManchaHearts of Darkness, and Overnight. Sometimes, the story behind the story is the more interesting of the two. Especially when you’re talking about Overnight/Boondock Saints.

Of course none of these movies were about grassroots conspiratorial movements started by bitter actors, but that’s okay. Every behind the scenes disaster is unique in its own right. Some are battles against the elements and straighten circumstance, others are megalomaniacal assholes stepping on their own feet.

Other News:

While I completely forgot about it last week, I will be restarting the live discussion during this week’s The Walking Dead on AMC (Sunday at 9PM Eastern). Basically, I’ll put up a stub of a review, which opens up the comments. People are free to talk about the show while it airs. Of course anyone in a different time zone should wary of spoilers.

Also, the comic’s two year anniversary is this Saturday. I’m going to do up a nice blog post about it for Monday, with lots of fun statistical information. Everyone loves statistics, right?

*Actual award may not exist.

34 thoughts on “Bonus Features Episode 22: Conspiracy?”

  1. We need to get rid of her, now.

    • “I have a clear shot…”

      “Abort, abort, she is too close to the stuntmaster! If she gets closer to de la Hoya back there, though, take it – I lost $50 on his last title shot…”

      • Well just put some explosives in her car and we’ be alright.

        • Hopefully she doesn’t sniff it out, like Pollos did on Breaking Bad.

      • You’re on fire today, Lich.

        • It’s awful tingly, but not unpleasant. Least, that’s how yo– Nah, not going to open that can of worms. Save it for the lunacy of the AVC and keep it PG here. 😉

        • Hah. I still haven’t signed up for the AVC. I just know it’ll destroy my free time.

        • What AVC?

        • The AV Club. It’s a pop culture review site. I spend entirely way too much time there (I have it open in another tab as I type this).

  2. Nah, I like Shannon and am interested to see what she thinks she’s got on camera. Either the holding cell for Zombies or the Paramedics bumbling the body.

    Dave, that hook holding the punching bag, how’s the rest of the build for it done?

    • Or the director with the stuntmaster’s kid sister…?

      • my thoughts exactly.

        Wait a minute, what are you implying Mini-Dave did?

        • Hilarious!

        • Whole bunch o’ Technic action – bolts, nuts, bushings, flanges…

          Well, so much for my PG pledge above. Technic is freaky.

        • Good god!

    • The punching bag hook is held up using one of those click-joint things. I purposely kept it out of the shot because it didn’t fit the color scheme of the rest of the set.

      • ‘kay then. thanks.

        • Re-reading my description, I’m not sure it it’s totally clear. I can snap a photo if it helps.

        • that might help.

        • Here you go.

        • It’s interesting you could only find a yellow one, Dave, as it comes in three other colors, black, red and white. 😀

        • I’m fairly certain I have a black one too; I just couldn’t find the damn thing.

        • What I do when I want something odd or small that I might only need a couple of is order up to 25 of the things. That way I only have to find a baggie with about 25 parts of the same type in it! 😀

  3. I wonder if the Zombie Security Squad has a tendency to show up at the most inopportune moments? 😀

    • You never can tell.

      • I reckon Z.S.S. sounds cool! 😀 If so you’ll have to round some security zombies up, they should be pretty scary if you can get them all saying the same thing at the same time! 😉

  4. Clearly she has evidence that Dave faked the moon landings.

    On other matters: yay, I love statistics (no, really, it was one of my favoruite subjects when I was an Undergrad).

    • Since I got a BA, I never took statistics. I kind of wish I had. It was easily my favorite part of algebra.

    • Statistics are pretty useful. As engineers, we need them to be able to ensure that the buildings we design aren’t going to fall down.

  5. Oooh, I’m excited by this… (no, not the dude in the middle, the LEGO Haunted Mansion on the left hand side!)

    • Yeah, I saw that yesterday on Eurobricks. Really, really interesting.

      • What is it

        • It looks like a haunted house in the style of the Cafe Corner buildings. Which is just awesome.

  6. whats the pic dave?