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Zombie Author Interview: Craig DiLouie

Your upcoming book The Killing Floor is the follow up of The Infection and I have been lucky enough to read a preview of it; it looks like it will be focused on a mutation of the virus. Could you tell us a little more about it? In The Infection, the organism that infected 20%… Read more »

Last Man(s) on Earth Interview Part II

Talking to the characters in The Last Man(s) on Earth was great, but I wanted to learn about what goes on behind the camera. Thankfully, Brady Bloom and Charan Prabhakar, the actors behind Wynn and Kaduche, were gracious enough to take a few more minutes and talk about what goes into producing The Last Man(s)… Read more »

Last Man(s) on Earth Interview Part I

The Last Man(s) on Earth is a series of survival videos on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out now. The videos are hilarious, well acted, and extremely well put together. They also have a website, a Twitter account, and a Facebook fan page. I recently had… Read more »