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We sit down with the folks behind to talk about what goes into producing high-quality custom minifigs, which we reviewed last week.

BrickWarriors Interview

Instead of our traditional LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my favorite LEGO® custom accessory makers, BrickWarriors, to learn about how they do what they do, learn about their history with LEGO®, and find out about their new book, Riddle of Regicide.

Zombie Author Interview: Dr. Yuel Darvish

Not too long ago I got a book to review in the mail called Urrgh: A Zombie Memoir. I was pretty intrigued, but nothing prepared me for what was in the book. It– no, a description won’t work, let me show you:

Zombie Author Interview: Stant Litore

Bricks of the Dead: Reading over your published works you had me trying to recall everything I learned in Catholic school as well as a few Comparative Religion type classes. Do most of your story lines draw inspiration from the Old or New Testament? Stant Litore: From both, as well as early ecclesiastical writings. Death… Read more »

Zombie Author Interview: R Thomas Riley – How did you and John Grover come about teaming up to write If God Doesn’t Show? R Thomas Riley – I originally wrote the book as a 30,000 word piece on spec for Permuted Press. They liked the story, but felt there was too much going on and they passed. I let the… Read more »

Zombie Author Interview: Sue Edge

A little while ago we reviewed the book Dead Tropics, an action packed Zombie survival story with a female lead character that takes place in the exotic setting of Cairns, Australia. The author, Sue Edge, has kindly accepted to answer a couple of questions.