LEGO Fire Command Truck 60374

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Add a touch of fiery excitement to your little one’s playtime with the LEGO® City Fire Command Truck (60374). Packed with innovative features, including a detachable control center, fire drone, and land drone, this set immerses kids in the thrilling world of firefighting. Let their imagination soar as they launch water and foam from the truck and fire drone, all while navigating through city and forest fire scenarios. With 502 pieces, 3 minifigures, and a rabbit figure, this action-packed playset is perfect for children aged 7 and up who are aspiring firefighters.

Jan 2023
To Be Announced

Unleash the Fun with the LEGO City Fire Command Truck!

If you’re looking for an innovation in playtime that is jam-packed with loads of action and exquisite details, the 60374 Fire Command Truck from LEGO’s acclaimed City Fire subtheme is your sure bet. Unveiled recently on January 1, 2023 but already making waves among enthusiasts, this fascinating setup offers kids a pure, hands-on experience in firefighting—a vital everyday duty performed by heroes around the world.

Mesmerising Contents

In this comprehensive package, children get a taste of excitement above and beyond your typical play scenario. The iconic 502-piece Fire Command Truck sports a fire drone, land drone and suspends a versatile control centre. Like real-life firefighters wielding their tools, kids also can simulate water and foam actions using different elements drawn out from the truck and airborne fire drone.

The Art of Building

The set isn’t merely about play—it’s also an immersive education in construction designed for bright minds aged seven years and up. Each set comes with step-by-step hard copy instructions that are crystal clear for any child to comprehend. Better yet, the interactive LEGO Builder app enhances this experience further with zoom and rotate tools provided to imagine constructions from multifaceted angles.

Character-Driven Play

This wonderful playset challenges kids to create their own stories, just like in real-city settings. All these are backed by a riveting collection of minifigures that infuse life into their imaginary narratives. To top this off, a lovable rabbit character romps into this thrilling narrative – a delightful treat for our young players!

Packed with Awesome Accessories

No firefighting mission is ever complete without requisite gear! The Fire Command Truck set triumphs with its offerings—a radio for communication, a fire axe for those decisive moments, a circular saw which mimics real-world utilities, a cup for those well-deserved breaks and even an accommodating spanner are all part of this exciting package.

Fostering Creativity

More than just pieces assembled together to form toys, the overarching aim of LEGO has always been encouraging creativity among children. This enriching building experience allows them to foster important life skills and boosts their self-confidence. Adhering to stringent safety standards globally reiterates LEGO’s commitment towards prioritising safety while ensuring it remains an enjoyable pastime.

So look no further than the Fire Command Truck if you seek an electrifying gift for any fun-loving child aged seven and above. This vibrant amalgamation of real-life scenarios recreated via toys promises to be a hit among young firefighters aspiring to save their imaginative Lego cities—one made even more worthwhile when knowing it’s curated by renowned designer Robert Heim. It’s much more than just typical play—it’s adventure beckoning!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Fire Command Truck
Pieces 502
RRP £49.99 / $64.99 / 54.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme City
Instructions Lego Fire Command Truck Instructions