Brick Review: Brickwarriors’ Post-Apoc Pack

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This set of Brickwarriors custom items is the Post Apoc Pack which should be very near and dear to all of our beloved undead hearts.

Vambraces (the forearm armor) to my knowledge has is something that only exists in the custom LEGO world. Its a shame because I absolutely love the way they look and the fit very nicely. No problem at all getting them on. We discussed zombie defense armor on this site recently and I think forearm armor is a must have.

Basher is the weapon of choice for this set. It’s a bit odd looking but looks about right compared to some of the war clubs you see out there by companies such as ColdSteel. Even though it was designed as a bashing weapon I think it makes for something better like a flame thrower.

Hooligan Hat is a well done design showing a clear separation between rim and the cap. LEGO hats of this style can sometimes just look like a plastic blob on the mini-fig head.

Shoulder Armor has a great look to it. Had the shoulder padding been done on both sides it would have thrown off the pieced together look of the set. I like how one shoulder is left empty which gives it a balance to the weapon carrying side if you choose.

Bear Trap.  Without a doubt I think this is one of the coolest custom pieces you can find. Sometime soon I will be placing an order with BrickwWrriors and I think a half dozen of them would be a nice start to the collection.  What BrickWarriors did right here was making it a true hinge that clasps together and not something that simply locked it into one position.

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16 thoughts on “Brick Review: Brickwarriors’ Post-Apoc Pack”

  1. I need a few of those bear traps. That’s one of the most creative items I’ve seen so far.

    • They are well made

  2. Basher looks effin awesome! Love to have one of those for real when the zombies come. And the $14 price for all of that seems way reasonable.

    • we need to get you building! : )

      • I can make a mean square. And my towers are amazing. =)

    • The item looks cool but I can’t seems to figure out what this “basher” is exactly.

  3. Thanks for the review! You guys had good timing with the review…all 4 of our new packs are on sale this weekend for just $10 each!

    • NICE!

  4. I wonder if those vambraces would combine with BrickForge’s shoulder pauldrons. That would make for some complete arm/shoulder armor.

    • I don’t think these vambraces would interfere with anything. I think you could even still use something like handcuffs.

      • How about body armor?

        Man, I might use these to outfit my LEGO PMC.

        • Bo…link me a fig you have and I’ll put on those vambraces and take a pic for you. I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow. I want to be sure we’re talking about the same thing.

        • My guys are running LEGO samurai armor now; but I am considering switching them over to BrickForge Powered Assault Armor.

        • This is how my experimental guy turned out w/ steel vambraces and powered assault armor. I am thinking I might order about ten more of each and outfit a whole squad. 😀

  5. oh gawdz, that bear trap is full of epicness, and possibly a leg, or maybe even a neck.

  6. the bear trap would be awesome in my comic, as i lure the meat twards the zombies head, then WHAM! the meat is mine

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