Custom Brick Review: BrickWarriors Sea People

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Sea People Helmet I like the change from the medieval style a lot of helmets give us. It’s not that I don’t like that look, I just think we see too much of it. One day I want to do a Genghis Khan MOC and this will be the centerpiece of it.

Lobster Armor aptly named after the overlapping armor pieces fits nicely with the uniqueness of the helmet. Brilliant attention to detail as you can even see straps connecting the plates together.

Loop Javelin again shows us BrickWarriors focus on unique custom pieces. We tend to have a lot of spears in our post apocalypse MOCS and not many of the spears we have offer much. This is a fitting weapon in a post apocalypse world .

Nauhe II Sword looks to be small but its typical LEGO sword length. It has a bit of a Greek warrior look to it and I continue to fully support the fantasy styling that brickwarrior’s gives us with this summers release.

 War Hook The best for last. The War Hook is a viscous and violent looking blade. It’s deep curve gives it a wicked look that is perfect for MOC”s as it will also add a sense of motion to the pictures. Since it basically is also a farming tool its a very fitting weapon that looks good in every type of MOC regardless of whatever timeline you’re working in. If you look at the bottom the handle also serves as a nice bashing option should you not have any room to swing. Multi-Purpose violent options at its best.

The Sea People Pack can be found here and the entire set is a steal at $12.


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  1. Scrimshaw needs one of those harpoons– er, loop-javelins.

    • He does indeed. Scrimshaw seems the type to have a body or ten buried somewhere.

  2. I just love that this package is called “Sea People.” lol

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