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Citizen Brick's New Zombie Items reviewed

If there’s one question I get more than any other on this comic, it’s “Where do you find zombie heads?” The true answer is, of course, wherever I can find them, but Citizen Brick is always one of the first places I suggest, since they used to make a custom printed zombie head. Unfortunately, it looks like that head is all gone, but the good news it that it appears to have been replaced by four new ones. Let’s check them out, shall we? And while we’re looking at the zombie heads, we might as well take a peak at a couple other custom printed accessories Citizen Brick is rolling out just for you zombie fanatics.

Custom Printed Zombie Heads

Before we look at the specific faces, let me make a couple general notes. Just like last time, the quality of printing here is quite high. They don’t seem to scratch easily, although rough play might ding them up a bit. They are also quite well designed, in that every single face also looks fine with hair or other headgear. That’s a must for me, because an army of bald zombies gets a little repetitive. I’ve photographed each head both with an without hair to give you a good idea of how they look.

The first head, “Cataracts”, features a lovable zombie face with the classic white eyes we’ve all come to expect from out favorite zombie.

A zombie with the classic white eyes

This next zombie isn’t someone you’d want to sit next to at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He’s mouth is covered with gore and viscera, the remains of his last victim, presumably. They call him “Messy Eater” for obvious reasons.

A messy eater zombie

Our next zombie, “Blinky” probably doesn’t have much in the way of depth perception, but he’s doing the best he can despite his condition. I really like this figure because it speaks to one of the defining characteristics of a classic Romero zombie: physical damage.

Blinky has terrible depth perception

Finally, we have what is probably the most interesting of the bunch:”Headshot”. This is something that could only come from a third-party company, because the very nature of this head denotes a figure that won’t offer a lot in the way of “play”. This zombie has been taken out with a headshot, and is thus relegated to set decoration rather than being an active threat to your living minifigs.

This zombie isn't going to bother anyone now

Other Zombie-Related Items

In addition to the super useful zombie heads, Citizen Brick also sent over two other pretty cool items. The first is a torso piece called “Victim”. One look at it will tell you everything you need to know. If you’re looking for a cool way to show your zombies chowing down on someone, this might be just what you’re looking for:

You might want to get a doctor to take a look at that.

Finally, we get a custom printed tile inspired by everyone’s favorite zombie show on AMC:

Don't Open! Dead Inside!

Pretty cool, eh? Just think, if Hershel on The Walking Dead had one of these babies, he could have probably saved a lot of trouble down on the farm.

Yeah, I keep my zombies in the barn. What of it?

Final Thoughts

This is another round of fine accessories from Citizen Brick. Fans looking to add some zombies to their creations should definitely check them out. Not only are they well made, but the folks at Citizen Brick are great to deal with to boot.

The heads run $3.50 each, the torso is $6.00, and the “Don’t Open! Dead Inside” tiles are $1.50. They’ve also got loads of other cool stuff in their inventory, like wood tones bricks and tiles that I totally need to order. You can find it all at Citizen Brick’s official website.

19 thoughts on “Review: Citizen Brick Custom Zombie Accessories”

  1. I was looking at these earlier in the week, when I was checking to see if their old zombie head was back in stock (I really need to see if they have an email alert system). Thanks for the review. Two me, there are only two factors at play here: Do they look as cool in person as the pictures suggest; and second, is the quality up to LEGO par? If the answer to both is “yes”, then you have made some good purchases.

    I like zombies a great deal; but my attention, as an AFOL, is putting together an alien EOTWAWKI, based largely on the Alien Conquest and City themes (not unlike a zombie APOC, though). I can definitely see me getting a few of those torsos, (because my aliens aren’t so loveable. think Invaders From Mars).

    • The quality of printing is quite high. To me, it looks slightly shinier than your typical LEGO printing, but it’s not a decal or anything like that.

      As far as how they look in real life goes, they look damn good. My photos are very close up to show all the details, from further away I think they blend in really, really well with the the official LEGO zombie from the collectible minifigs series.

      • Oh, and the zombie torsos that I used in these shots are the Alien from the collectible minifig series. Perfect for a shirtless zombie.

        I’m intrigued by your alien invasion idea. Could be very cool. Were you thinking MOCs, a comic, brickfilm?

        • If you’ve seen the Invaders From Mars movie, or the War of the Worlds remake, that’s where I am going. Right now I am fleshing out the characters, and deciding if I want to use Alien Conquest vehicle builds or MOC’s. Right now the largest hurdle is time- and money, I don’t have enough brick to meet my vision. I’m just starting here. I have built a squad of minifig PMC’s (private military contractors) and a civilian adventuring party.

        • I haven’t seen Invaders from Mars, but I very much enjoyed the War of the Worlds remake. Good potential for a series there.

          The time and money thing… yeah, I can certainly appreciate that as I run into it all the damn time.

        • I have three of those Gray aliens, wish I had more.

          The Invaders From Mars movie is kind of campy; but really quite violent. I think the Alien Conquest them fits it well. I love apocalypse stories; and aliens are almost as good as zombies. Think V (not the short-lived remake), They Live, etc.

        • God I love They Live. I hope whatever you make contains an eight and a half minute long fistfight in it.

        • I don’t think a ten-minute slugfest translates well to still photography…

          Just sayin’…


        • Yeah, you’re probably right.

          Still, best fist fight ever captured on film. I’ve made my poor wife watch that about ten times now.

  2. They look spanking in real life. Nice review. Nice bricks!

    • Thanks you, Gobstopper. Love that avatar, by the way!

      • batman FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave!! You look way sexy with yout guts hanging out. 😉

    • I can’t help but to look sexy. It’s my natural state.

  4. These are awesome. I have some as well!

  5. I should totally get myself a set!

  6. That exposed body part torso with Dave’s head on it suggests that a bonus features strip may soon be coming featuring it! 😀 Although not necessarily with Dave’s head on it! 😉

  7. I only saw the blinky head on Citizen Brick. What happened to the others Dave?

    • My guess is they’re out of stock.

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