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There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Thursday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

This week’s creation, “Ashmore Estates” by our own ZombieMutts, is just something you’ve got to see. I’m going to put a couple of my favorite shots of this thing on here, but if you’re not clicking through Flickr to look at all the photos, you’re insane.

A front and side view of Ashmore Estates

And here’s another angle:

The other side

This broken roof-line is probably my favorite detail of the build. I’d seen a number of dilapidated building (I do live right outside Detroit, after all) and this just looks perfect to me.

The broken roofline

A tree growing out of part of the building. I love the way nature is reclaiming the grounds in the MOC. Truly well done.

A tree takes root in the remains of this building

And here’s a bit more of the collapsed roof:

The stained glass window is still intact

So, wow, right? This thing is absolutely massive and just packed with details. And the best part is that it’s based on a real place, only imagined in a post-apocalyptic setting. Unlike a lot of Apocalego I’ve seen, I like how this piece balances the creepy with the serene. Nature is quietly reclaiming this once domineering building, and in a few years you’ll barely even be able to tell something so immense used to stand on these grounds. The use of various plant pieces is inspired, particularly the trees growing inside and through parts of the building.

Like I said in my comment on Flickr, if The Brothers Brick doesn’t blog this, I’m going to vomit in rage.

Have you seen a great zombie creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.

Update: For some reason I primarily show only one side of this fantastic creation, so he’s a nice shot of the other:

And here's the other side of Ashmore Estates

36 thoughts on “Zombie Creation: Ashmore Estates”

  1. Rage vomit? Nice!

    • I do what I can.

      • Seriously….that comment was awesome.

        • Mine,Daves,or both.

        • Daves. I read it on facebook and it caught me off guard

  2. I’ve already seen this on your Flikr ZM, but I readily refused to take the time to log into it so I could comment.. So I just waited until it was here for me to say something about it….
    Kick ass.

    • This made me smile.

    • Thats awesome and I am thankful for that. I was hoping my botd friends would comment here first.

    • I do the same! I have enough login info out there already. lol

  3. epicness.

    • Damn straight!

    • thank you!

  4. Glad people are liking it so far and I must point out I’ve been seeking and receiving Dave’s input since September on it. Much appreciated, Dave.

    Just to give a reference to size, this would basically block out a 36″ flat screen TV.

    • My pleasure.

  5. Wow, that’s huge man, total respect and congratulations! The Bricklink order must have been a nasty one… and the pictures a real nightmare.. and wow, 3 months on a MOC!? I wonder how many times you’ve wanted to throw it out of the window! I know that large MOCs can often be a mix of love and hate relationship – it’s an amazing feeling to “get lost” in a large build but the logistic to make it happen can also be a real pain.

    After seeing your teaser on Flickr I was expecting a barricaded church (because of the colored window) swarmed by zeds or something in that spirit – I did not expected this at all… but you did pick a psychiatric facility and it’s spooky enough!
    This is a very impressive build and packed with great details. The roof is a piece of art but it’s the trees and plants taking over the place that I like the most.
    If you have not done it yet you should totally send a link to your creation to Mike Doyle (for anyone who never heard of the guy he’s like “The Reference” when it comes to abandoned Lego structures.
    I’ll probably have more comments but I’ll leave those on Flickr once I have checked the high res.

    • Thank you Yatkuu!

      Yeah I have spent a pretty penny at bricklink but I am one of those people that sees a high value in hobbies so I am trying not to cringe too much.

      As far as wanting to throw it out the window, never happened until I was done and was having huge problems photographing it. It has so many angles that lighting was a nightmare. And due to the need for tension to keep pieces in place for the design I wanted, every time it moved for any reason….boom…something fell.

  6. I am in awe!! This is beautiful and creepy at the same time. I do like that there are no minifigs so you can let your imagination decide what happened.

    Dude! How long did that take?

    • Oh and I see that Ashmore was on Ghost Adventures. No wonder the name was familiar. lol

    • 1 month to figure out how to do it and 2 months to build. I am still insanely new at all of this so for me there is a lot of tear downs and rebuilds as I was figuring out techniques as I went.

      Yeah I wanted to leave barricade boards on the windows so people would understand the zombie post apocalypse aspect on their own.

      But there is one minifig zombie…just one…..somewhere : )

      • Heeey I see what you are trying to do you sneaky! You want us to search every inch of these picture looking for that zed..; and at the same time look at all those crazy details… nice move!

        • : )

          Dave….can you vouch for me that the zed exists? Do you remember me showing it to you?

        • lol, it’s “Where is Charlie” by Zombiemutts.

        • I do recall seeing that zombie, but I’ll be damned if I remember where it was now.

      • feels like a creepy “where’s waldo!” lol

        • I was reading the comments and thought “who the hell is Waldo?” Turns out it’s the same dude but in French we call him Charlie.. ha! I bet nobody here knew that!

      • That seems like a really short time to make something that big and epic. My son just starting building his own stuff and has asked for the Lego City sets for Christmas. I would freak if he made something like this. lol

        • Maybe I am off on time…I wish the iphone time stamped photos I could say for sure.

          Wait hold on…I think flickr reads that…I’ll see

        • Dang it…I guess not.

          I wish there was a way to tell from the iphone…

  7. i am an actor at the haunted house held at ashmore i absolutly love this

    • Are you really? I am honored! Thank you!

    • Wow, that’s really cool Sinthia.

  8. Good God, Zombiemutts! I feel like crying from the shear amazement!

    I can’t believe you’ve done something this amazingly awesome, on so many levels…

    I love all the grass, plants, and general foliage… The crumbling roof is brilliant, the scale itself is impressive…

    Words fail me. I know I shall never build a truly awesome MOC, now that I have seen the true meaning of awesomeness!

    And I’m still looking for the WWZ…

    (No, not the “World War Z,” the “Where’s Waldo? Zombie” 😉 )

    • Thank you for the kind words! The scale was a complete accident….I had no idea…

    • Yeah, Mutts has raised the bar a bit here.

  9. This is an awesome rendition of Ashmore Estates. The only thing cooler is the real thing. I own the building and appreciate your immortalizing it in legos. The building has been featured on Ghost Adventurers, Ghost Hunters, and SyFy Channel producers The Booth Brothers film “Children of the Grave II”.
    FYI update: on Jan 29 at 10:30pm Ashmore Estates was hit by a tornado which tore off the roof and gables. There is a nationwide campaign on to rebuild the roof. Check out www.spookedtv.com for info.

  10. Ashmore Estates is definetly a creepy place when it comes to the paranormal. I did a post about the place on my website, ghostlyworld.wordpress.com

    Thought you’d be interested

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