Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Sci-Fi Accessories

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For our final review (sadface) of BrickWarriors’ accessories, we’re going to tackle their sci-fi items, which includes Resistance Trooper Helmet and Armor, Ground Dweller Battle Rifle, Impaler Assault Rifle, and Head Hunter Pistol.

BrickWarriors' Sci-Fi Items

Let’s start with the wearable items. The Resistance Trooper helmet and body armor compliment each other extremely well, and make for one badass looking figure. They also look great separated and mixed and matched with items like the assassin helmet and armor and the do rag. These items are probably inspired from somewhere else, but they remind me of the bad guys from The Chronicles of Riddick. While they’re sci-fi items, you could probably get away with using them in a fantasy setting as well. That’s one thing I really like about a lot of these items: they’re versatile.

Protect your head from space debris

The helmet and body armor have a bit of a circle motif on an otherwise geometric design, which I quite like. The helmet features detailing on all sides, and has a really cool respirator design around the figure’s mouth.The armor really bulks a figure up, especially the over-sized shoulder pads. It also features a stud on the back so you can attach even more weaponry.

This armor will make you look like a badass

Next up: guns. The word for BrickWarriors’ sci-fi guns is “big”, maybe even “huge”. Even the pistol is enormous. All the sci-fi guns feature loads of good detail work. Let’s start with the pistol.

I’m not as big a sci-fi fan as I am of other genres, so I couldn’t say with any certainty where this item comes from, but I can say that it’s really, really cool. It features an over/under double barrel (the bottom barrel might be a laser sight or something like that), over-sized forward mounted magazine, and a nicely sloped hammer at the back.

Now you can be all like, "Pew! Pew!"

The Impaler Assault Rifle gets its name from a pretty obvious source: the giant bayonet mounted at the front of the gun. This thing looks evil, but a cold, corporate kind of evil. All the details here make the rifle look well engineered and machined. This thing was built for mass production by some sort of all powerful evil empire, and they’re here to kick ass. For some reason my favorite detail on this weapon is the ejection port. It’s just a beautiful detail that adds some nice depth to the design.

If you can't shoot'em, stab'em.

Finally, we have my favorite item of this batch: the Ground Dweller Battle Rifle. Where the Impaler looks cold and mass produced, the Ground Dweller looks stitched together from spare parts. The stock appears to be held on with tape or wire, the trigger is missing a guard, and most of the component parts looks like they were taken from other guns. This rifle really tells a story. You can almost picture the desperate rebels who are using it.

A gun with a lot of character, and a lot of miles on the odometer

Well that does it for our BrickWarriors reviews, at least until they put out more stuff. I hope everyone enjoyed these, because I sure had fun putting them together. Don’t forget to check out BrickWarriors’ website and BrickLink Store, as well at their new forum.

18 thoughts on “Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Sci-Fi Accessories”

  1. It looks like these items were inspired off of the video game Gears of War.

    • I figured they were video-game inspired. It’s a cool aesthetic, at any rate.

  2. Yea they are.

    • And we have confirmation, thanks guy.

      Video games are something of a blind spot for me. I play very few of them.

      • Theres the retro lancer, the snub pistol, the hammerburst, and the cog helmet and armor all from gears of war 3.

        • 3rd confirmation. These are all Gears based. My favorite is most likely the Ground Dweller Battle Rifle (AKA the Hammerburst) Both in the game and in the lego form 🙂

  3. I have no interest in sci fi legoness

    But that helmet and body armor is awesome. I am buying that helmet for sure.

    • I’m not a big sci-fi builder either, but I think these are really awesome pieces. Almost makes me wish I had more use for them. Maybe a flashback where Stewart is playing a sci-fi video game…

  4. i love these items. wish i had them. the large one is obviously gears of war but the handgun looks more like borderlands.

    • How is Borderlands? It looks kind of awesome, and seems to go on sale an awful lot.

      • dont now. 1)cant get it 2) dont want to get it 3)it looks pretty interesting. GameInformer did a review and it turned out pretty well. the enemies are co-operating and you can dual wield. that’s all i will say.

  5. I like the big rifle… I may have to order a couple for myself.

    • I believe they’re $1.25 apiece, which is pretty reasonable.

  6. I think this review was my favorite part out of the five. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these reviews!

    It’s funny…the armor and helmet were designed specifically to be sci fi (obviously), but I never even thought of using them in a fantasy setting until BrickWarriors customers starting posting pictures of orcs in Horned Plate Armor and Resistance Trooper Helmets.

    Funny you should mention Borderlands…my friend is bringing it over to play tonight. Who knows…maybe I’ll be inspired to design a few weapons from it!

    • Thank you, sir!

      The helmet and armor look surprisingly good on those orcs.

  7. Out of the sci-fi items here, I like the helmet, armour, and the impaler. And when I order them, they’ll be in pearl dark grey. Did you get yours in just black Dave?

    • No, pearl dark; my photos are just a little dark.

      • Oh I see.

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