The Bonus Features Episode 10

Hey look, it’s everyone’s favorite ancillary character, Scrimshaw. Sadly, the international whaling commission still deems commercial whaling illegal. Not only does that mean good folk like Scrimshaw here are out of work, it also means the lamp oil prices remain unreasonably high. Make of that what you will.

Misc. News:
Okay, I got this up in time, but it was a bit of a photo finish. That means I’ll be taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off as originally planned, which is good since I won’t be home anyway and wouldn’t be able to talk to all you fine folks.

Also, go Lions.


Lich Barrister

Let’s say that you can get lamp oil from, oh, Nickelback. That could help both Detroit and Vancouver out, since both cities will suffer their halftime show.

I remember how surprised I was that gasoline was a nasty by-product of kerosine production in the age before internal combustion. I read accounts of small streams of the stuff running through the byways of London East, Ontario. Nothing like he good Ol’ days of unfettered capitalism…


Was the shark in the original PS game? I don’t remember it. I remember the giant snake. And the plant thingy you had to burn.


Yah I actually have the PS one but i played it on my PS2 without saves and I got to the shark level and it was Scary D: lolz


Are you referring to the Scrimshaw cameos in the regular comic?

I kind of did that, although the in-comic Scrimshaw was beardless, and zombified, and re-deaded.

the dude person

No, I’m referring to the story arc about Scrimshaw that I suggested you use for The Bonus Feautures. You know, the one I posted in the “BotD: The Bonus Features” thread on the BCN? You did say it was a “pretty awesome idea,” after all… 😉

Silver Fox


I wonder if we’ll see him actually get a part in BotD?

And who does need lamp oil? Aren’t there alternative sources for lamp oil?


He did show up (beardless) as a dead zombie on the ground in front of the fire truck not to long ago.

There are no good alternative sources of lamp oil, no.


*knock knock*
*Scrimshaw who?”
“Scrimshaw a zombie, RUN!” 😀


“The Great Lego Earthquake”
-A picture of a red lego mug on its side-
“Shalt we ever forget”


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