Guest Strip 2

About this Episode:
Today’s guest strip comes courtesy of a buddy of mine, Steve. I asked him to contribute a guest strip because Steve is, at least in my estimation, a MS Paint Jedi. Just feast your eyes on his mad skills above, and tell me I’m wrong. Steve runs several fantastic websites that everyone should check out: Crazy Crackerz, Banned on the Web, and Laugh Junky.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
One of the reasons zombies are scary is that they are completely uncompromising. Unless they’re stopped, they’re going to eat your face. It doesn’t matter if you were friends before they turned, if they were an innocent child, or if they used to be a dedicated practitioner of non-violence. None of that matters once they become zombified. But what happens if the victim was a vegetarian or a vegan before they turned? Well, it probably still wouldn’t matter, but that’s neither here nor there.


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