Episode 10

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The checkpoint can only be maintained for so long. As soon as the walking dead show up in force, it’s going to crumble. A lot of times the checkpoint fails by allowing the few healthy people running away from the horde to get through, leaving far too little time to close the ranks.



They sure are. Since I made them, BF has released that sheild in clear with the word “Police” on it. I picked up a few and am planning on using them in the strip somewhere because they’re just too awesome to not use.


Given how well trained and equipped modern riot police are, their falling so easily to a handfull of shambling corpses is pretty damning incompetence.

I kinda find the idea of them screwing up their defense by letting survivors in too close to zombies to be somewhat questionable too. For a while now, the government has made it quite clear that they would rather inconvenience innocents than risk the guilty getting away. With the increased stakes in a zombie plague, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised that government forces would refuse to break ranks in the face of the horde, even to let survivors in.


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