Episode 11

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The authorities, no matter how well equipped they may look, are never able keep the outbreak contained. I love this trope, because it speaks to a lot of people’s doubts in the competence of the powers that be. You simply can’t put your faith in the police or the government to put things to right. Sooner or later they’re going to fall apart and you’re on your own.


Fu Shen

On the contrary, I hate this trope. I don’t disagree with you, but with all the fortifications and manpower and weapons I’d like to at least see an epic battle. It almost never happens. The safe zone falling is merely a backdrop of the story, so it’s 5-10 seconds of charging horde, a couple shotgun blasts (never with any gore), everyone breaks and is run down, and look it’s all over. It usually ends up being forced and rushed just to get the survivors on their own.

All negative-nancy stuff aside, nice work. I like the Zombie Cliche Lookouts.


Thanks Fu Shen!

I can definitely see your point. Sure, the story is supposed to be about the characters and their experiences during the outbreak, but the whole thing could be much richer if we had that background. Plus no one is going to complain about copious amounts of action and gore.


This is almost like that one scene in the RE3 (the game(for PS1) )Intro movie… ALMOST.
(that’s a GOOD thing) 🙂

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