Episode 792: Knock, Knock, Knocking

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Unexpected Guests

Zombies are a pretty obvious problem. After all, they are completely driven by the need to feast on human flesh. When they bite or scratch the living, the victims are doomed to death and reanimation. Also, they’re super gross. But one thing that zombie fiction loves to remind us of, over and over again, is that people are the truly terrifying monsters. Sure, zombies are dangerous, but they’re also extremely predictable and not terribly smart. Let’s be honest here: if you get outsmarted by a zombie, odds are you wouldn’t have made it all that long to begin with, even if there wasn’t an apocalypse on. Living people, on the other hand, can be extremely tricky.

There’s also the need for balance. Sure, some people might be evil and want nothing more than to enslave you, take your supplies, and keep you weak and defenseless. But not all people. I’d even go so far as to say not most people. Most people, and I probably sound a bit naive here, are decent folk. The only problem is distinguishing one group from another.

About this Episode:

Someone pointed out recently that I had shown the cabin front door backwards. It appeared that Stewart and Cheryl were standing on the porch, but the door and wall were inside. If they were inside, I should have used a yellow baseplate. Well, they were absolutely right. My continuity expert struck again. So I was left with a choice: either go back to the way it used to be, or have a “porch” on either side of the door.

Discussion Question: The Good and the Bad (And, to a Lesser Extent, The Ugly)

You probably saw this coming: as I said above: the real challenge with people is figuring out who the bad ones are. So, you know, how do you do that?


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Simple. Toss them into a lake. If they float…

Welcome back! Glad to see moar comics again 🙂

As for Z fiction, the fact that zombies are indeed, slow dumb and predictable is usually the reason most extended z stories (like tv shows and comics) tend to get stale over time simply because the heroes gain enough experience to know how to deal with zombies until even the undead become more of a nuesance than threat.

But at the same time, they keep throwing in human enemies to make up the difference until even they become stale.

Your comic however, continues to be fresh and zesty! (I think I can use that to describe a comic, right?) Because you dont follow a formula like other media. (Have drama, add gore + zombie background in each episode = merchandise and cash)

Your characters continue to face new and interesting challenges and the zombies are still an overwhelming threat! 😀


My first thought was: “Who is this guy?”

My second thought was: “Who are ‘we’?” 😀

He seems like someone who might attract the local zombie hordes! 😀 It’ll be interesting to see where Dave takes this! 😉

He’s also another loose end to tie up! 😀


You’ll also be glad to notice I haven’t found any typos for this episode, you even spelled ‘naive’ correctly! Well done, Dave! 😀


Pretty cool. I was referring to the Clint Eastern film. Not sure how popular westerns like that are outside the US.


Clint Eastern? Never heard of him! 😀 Clint Eastwood, however, seems to be very much around at present! 😀


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