Episode 791: Who’s That?

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Cliffhanger

Once again, we’re moving out of the zombie genre for this cliche and into the realm of serialized entertainment in general. I’m speaking, of course, of ending on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wondering what’s going to happen next. Since Lost captured the attention of huge audiences years ago, serialized television has almost become the norm, but serialization has existed for ages. The idea behind it is that the story keeps going, building on what happened in previous installments. That means the audience needs to keep up-to-date. If they miss anything, they could get lost and simply drop from the story. That means it’s incumbent upon the writers to ensure that people keep checking in, and what better way to do that than keeping the audience wondering what’s going to happen next.

About this Episode:

Time has passed. Murphy is back on his feet. Our characters have survived the winter and are discussing what to do next. Clearly, several people want, or at least feel they need to, go out into the world. Why? Many reasons, including gathering supplies, looking for other survivors, or simply to finding out what’s going on. All that gets on hold, however, when someone starts pounding on the door (and they’re smart enough not to stand in the window).

Other News:

As you have probably gleaned from the Zombie Cliche Lookout, I’m taking a little break for Christmas and New Years. This will be the last episode for a couple of weeks. We’ll get back on schedule on January 8th, 2018. See you all then!

Discussion Question: Holiday Plans

So what’s everyone got going on for the Holidays? Do you celebrate? How?

We’re going to be pretty busy. I’m taking some time off work, and visiting family throughout the state. Should be a good time.



I do hope Dave put up a holiday image for the 25th! It falls on a Monday, doesn’t need to be an episode! 😀


Well, the typo needle started floating around in circles, there weren’t any to find today! 😀

Matthew Pittman

Not a typo, but an awkward sentence structure. “Many reasons, including gathering supplies, looking for other survivors, or simply to finding out what’s going on.” I’d suggest removing that “to” in the last phrase, to smooth out the parallel structure.

Pepper Valentino

It’s okay, Dave. You can tell us. Visiting all the family…It’s gonna be a nightmare. You’re gonna wish it was the apocalypse! Haha! 🙂

Pepper Valentino

Maybe no one is knocking on the door. Maybe those are gunshots.

Why would there be gunshots? :/
Maybe Murphy just bagged a deer. 😉
Or maybe Russ has gone crazy, and he’s shooting into Brent’s grave. 😀
Or…maybe the zeds have evolved over winter, and can now use firearms. 😮


I like that theory!

Re: gunshots – Yeah, maybe I should have used a different onomatopoeia.

Pepper Valentino

Normal Christmas celebration here. Family, Food, and Flingin Flangin Wrapping Paper all over the place! Haha! 😀

I’ve got a little treasure hunt planned for the family. 😉

Merry Christmas to those that’ll take it. And Happy New Year to All Y’all!

See you in January! Well…see you today/tomorrow, in the comments.
And then, in January! 🙂 😉


“I’ve got a little treasure hunt planned for the family.”

That sounds pretty awesome.


The mouse over text made me laugh! The zombie cliche should have been “the fillers” – Dave needed a 4th frame and had nothing to show… haha.
Enjoy the break Dave.. and thank you for another year filled with Zombie-Lego goodness.


Hmm, Dave either somehow used an outside scene for panels 1 and 4 or he ran out of tan baseplates to stand the minifigures on, because I don’t see the familiar studded floor of the interior sets! 😀

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