Episode 58

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Oh no, a zombie managed to get into the room with you! What do you do: find an exit, try to destroy it, hide, or start screaming and running around like an idiot, hoping your girlish screams will somehow confuse the monster? If you’re a quasi-comic relief, team coward, or the designated close-call character, chances are you’re going to choose this last option. Sure it’s not terribly dignified, and it certainly doesn’t seem like the best survival decision, but you’ve got to stay in character.

If you’re very, very lucky, someone else in the room will keep a cool head and come up with a plan to get everyone to safety. If not, well, let’s hope you enjoy being a shambling corpse.



So I take it you’re using the low light effects to mask the possibility that the guy got bit last week? Or did you do an off-screen “oh he missed”?


Hah, you’re giving me far too much credit. I was supposed to have given him a red/bloody hand, but completely forgot.


Hmm does this radically alter what happens to him? Or does he just continue being an uninfected character for now? Could always just have the zombie bite him again and do it right this time! 😉


Come on guys, there’s one of it. Just grab something and clobber it.
Then you can sit down, try to figure out how one got into a supposedly secure building, and hope that someone else knows how to fire up your generator.


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