Episode 56

About this Episode:
God, the photography really came out poorly this week. Apologies.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The post-rescue celebration is an important event. It welcomes the almost-doomed back into the fold and heaps well deserved praise onto the savior.  Of course, one has to weigh the importance of the celebration against the likelihood of getting devoured by the armies of the walking dead. And when that rescue involves the use of unsuppressed firearms, you’d better do that mental math in a damn hurry because the zombies aren’t going to give you a chance to collect yourself.



I must be blind or something: Your photography comes out perfectly well today. There might be a bit of fuzziness in the buildings behind but the actors are well focused, and that’s the way it should be! 😉

Lich Barrister

Panel three is like an inversion of “Oh my God! You killed Kenny!” – and I like that.

They seem genuinely surprised to have been helped. More and more we expect less and less of each other…


Hah, the Kenny angle never even occurred to me.

We certainly do expect less and less from people, even police officers.


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