Episode 55

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Guns do funny things in movies. They can shoot hundreds of rounds without reloading in one scene, then inexplicably run out of ammo in the next. When the plot calls for it, they can jam, misfire, be loaded with blanks, and have the safety on. Depending on the character using the gun, they can be super accurate with no recoil, or completely unmanageable.

One of the most interesting gun tricks is the way their sound effects change based on how important that shot is. Generally a small handgun makes a popping sound when fired, but if it’s shot at the last second to save a hero’s life, it’s the loudest damn gun in the world. Guns are funny that way.



“Shit” must be in the running for being the universally uttered word whenever the hero of the movie – regardless of genre or circumstances – has to utter. There hasn’t been a decent (or not) movie out lately that doesn’t make use of the word. Frankly, I think it’s one of those TV tropes, and if someone can get their hero to utter something else in their comic or movie whenever they run into trouble, more power to them! 😉


I think a big reason for this is people trying to keep things PG/PG-13 so they can appeal to a broader audience.

Lich Barrister

“Sweet Sassy Molassey!” has too many syllables to work in this setting… unless your default setting is “verbose.”

And there’s few things more fun than picking a euphamism and using it the same way as the original word – “Go fiddlestick yourself!” is my all-time fave.


Hah, that reminds me of that gum commercial with all the ludicrous fake swears. “What the french, toast?” was my personal favorite. It got a lot of use back at the Bricks of the Dead compound.


Is Stewart enjoying relaxing on the floor, I wonder? He’s certainly taking his sweet time getting up, that’s for sure.

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