Episode 165

Happy Halloween, everyone!

About this Episode:
You see that white area on the left of a couple of the shots? Do me a favor and just pretend that’s not there.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
A missing friend is one thing, but when that friend leaves behind things that they should never leave behind (survival equipment, weapons, etc), then you know something’s wrong. Right off that bat, you know something’s wrong. Either they freaked out and ran off without thinking, got snatched up by god knows who, or where infected or killed. When a survivor leaves their stuff behind, you can bet that they’re in dire straits.



I dunno, the mention of the crowbar inspires thoughts of Half-Life more than Halo or RvB.
Buuut, if you insist on a RvB quote, “Brian, I want Brian.” “Caboose, it’s brains you idiot!” “Oops, I must have read the script wrong. Moaning, mooooaaning!”


Really? It’s bugging the hell out of me. I’ve been thinking about re-shooting those two, but I just don’t have the time.

the dude person

I didn’t notice it, Dave. It just goes to show, we zombie comic authors are our own worst critics!

When things like that happened in the flashback scene in ZO, I either extended my baseplate a few studs with Photoshop, cropped it out, or covered it over with “morning fog.” 😉

(There’s even a few shots where my keyboard was clearly visible in the background, and I just covered it with speech bubbles and fog!)

Lich Barrister

Eh, it’s there but it’s not offensive. What needs to be in focus and in effect is, and that’s the key thing. It’s not until a second or third read that I really take in a panel in full _if_ I’m paying attention, since I’m so logocentric that it’s practically a character flaw.

My Sunday strip had a few panels turn out too shiny and light, so I had to add in the bit about having a spotlight so that I could darken most of the panel to make it less apparent. Not sure if it worked or not.

Let’s assume that the white space… is the gathering of angels for poor Sam? Nah, he can’t have died off-screen.


Well I’m glad it didn’t leap out at everyone else. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal of it than I should.

Thanks everyone!

Silver Fox

I have to agree if it wasn’t pointed out, I may not have noticed it.

That can probably end up on a making of BotD blooper reel and continuity errors.


What are they hanging around for? That’s just inviting zombie attacks right there. They now know that Sam’s situation is unknown, and probably unknowable, and they should collect anything of value, get in the car, and move on before they become targets themselves. Again.


Let’s say, for instance they had arrived at the very same scene and the only difference was that every dead zombie there hadn’t been killed and was therefore roaming around looking for tasty drive-by snacks. I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t have stuck around for long against such overwhelming numbers.

Besides, they are putting themselves at great risk for practically nothing of value. They haven’t even surveyed the scene to make sure there aren’t any zeds hiding around a corner to ambush them.

I’m quite certain Sam, if he has been kidnapped, would have at least tried to drop some sort of clue, they just don’t have the time to find it, so I sure hope he left it glaringly obvious.

Their time here is limited, very limited, and every minute they stick around means a dozen or more zeds could stumble across them.


Yeah, but that scene with a couple dozen zombies is an entirely different scenario. And yes, they are putting themselves at risk, but considering that just lost Shannon, they probably aren’t ready to give up on ol’ Sam just yet.


Ok…I guess botd is now on my insomnia reading list

Being a light sleeper with the extra fun twist of insomnia and living close to a fire station in a very large city is a really bad idea.

I live a tortured existence


I’m too tired to smack you so be nice to me.

I swear if someone took my blood this stuff would show up in it…ohhhh and I have class tonight so I have another 8 hours to go.

BTW Lich…our build areas look the same right now…just containers of LEGO everywhere…

How I am not single is beyond me….


The trick is to get married so that it’s harder for them to leave you once they find out how weird you are.

Lich Barrister

I’ve not made much headway on the workspace, either. Sigh.

But yeah, my dark age coincided nicely with pre-marriage and some early stages of the marriage. The first break in the dark age was the first x-wing, and once I got out of grad school I’ve been consistently into bricks. Luckily, she sees it as far more wholesome and affordable than golfing, and I’m happy to make that trade.


“Luckily, she sees it as far more wholesome and affordable than golfing, and I’m happy to make that trade.”

exactly! Same with my better half as well. Plus she can watch all of her girly shows while I am hunched over fliddling with bricks without me complaining altho she does at times have to deal with a steady stream of mocking comments at the plot lines.


And as I left my apt when it was still dark outside…I was witness to my neighbor…my overly tattood 300 lb+ neighbor who I have yet to ever see wear anything other than skin tight elastic clothing walk past her upstairs window in the nude, with her lights on…the fat from her mid back oddly droops to her love handles…

my god this day needs to get better …hah


How’d you manage to drive with a massive erec– er, yeah maybe I should keep this PG13.


You need to put your eye stalks back in their sockets mate! 😉


Didn’t notice the white until you pointed it out. I just thought it was an overturned fed ex van :/


So what you are saying here is that Shannon is dead, these three are unsure of what to do next, and Sam is getting his money for nothing and his chicks for free?


Yeah, I really don’t think anyone noticed the white at the edge of the screen until you stated it! Still, I doesn’t look that bad. I’m sure there’s worse things that could be seen.


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