Alley of the Dead

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation comes to us from Wigglesworth Clarke and is called “Alley of the Dead“. Now, this is a pretty descriptive title, and you might assume that the creation is perhaps set in an alleyway will with zombies. And, in this case, your assumption would be absolutely accurate. See what I mean:… Read more »

Brick Flicks Book Review

As some of you probably know, Bricks of the Dead was originally intended to be a series of short stop-motion videos. However, as I learned more about what went into making decent looking video, and weighed that against the level of patience that I know I’m able to bring to bear on process, I figured… Read more »

LEGO Zombie House

Once again, it’s Thursday, which means it’s time to find an awesome LEGO zombie creation to showcase. This time around, we’re looking at “LEGO Zombie House” by David Saunders. While it’s not given a terribly imaginative name, but it’s certainly an excellent shot. Check it out: What’s Going On? While there’s no story on the… Read more »

Brickin It George A. Romero Minifig

As a fan of both LEGO and zombies, we are living in a pretty exciting time. When I was a kid, I had tons of ideas for new LEGO themes, pieces, and accessories. I even wrote the company a couple of times with all my “brilliant” ideas. They were all soundly ignored, of course. Today,… Read more »

Zombie Panorama – LEGO Zombie Creation

And once again the week has rolled by into another Thursday, which means it’s time for me to feature another awesome LEGO zombie creation. This week, we’re going to take a look at “Zombie Panorama” by Rob Thomas. What’s Going On? There’s a battle between the living and the dead, and it looks like the… Read more »

Wastelands 2 Book Review

I’m generally pretty hesitant about accepting anthologies for reviews. Not because I have anything against them as a reader, or because I don’t think they can be good, but because they can be very difficult to review. The quality of work is naturally going to vary from title to title, but so will things like… Read more »

Lone Sniper – LEGO Zombie Creation

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week is called “Lone Sniper“, and was built by The Brick Zombie (formerly 69ZombieSlayer). Check it out: What’s Going On? We’ve got a police sniper on the roof of a medium sized building. He’s got a couple of rifles, and a whole crate of ammunition. Below is a… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week: Bloodborne

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation is a bit of a stretch. It’s based on the game Bloodborne, produced by From Software, who made Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls one and two, all of which are infamous for their difficulty. While Bloodborne is a bit different from the previous games, it revolves around combating all sorts… Read more »