The Hunt Chronicles: Volume 1 Book Review

The shelves are pretty crowded with zombie books these days, so most authors take pretty major steps to set their stories apart from the pack. That’s a pretty good strategy, and it’s always interesting to see how the genre can get stretched and expanded, but sometimes I just crave a more traditional zombie story, and… Read more »

Schedule and Daughter Update

Good morning everyone! I’m happy to report that my daughter is recovering well from her burn. She finally has all her bandages off, so now we’re able to treat her at home rather than going to the hospital every couple of days for dressing changes and debridement. It’s been a long, stressful two weeks, but… Read more »

Schedule Announcement

My daughter, proving once again how unpredictable life can be, burned herself severely this weekend, requiring a trip to first one hospital, and then to another, bigger hospital with a larger trauma burn center. We are home now, but with a lot of trips to Children’s Hospital in our future and a little girl who… Read more »

Zombie Breakout in Zone B Area 6

I haven’t been doing a LEGO zombie creation every week lately because my new job is really putting the squeeze on my free time, and something’s got to give. Despite that, I do want to feature cool builds on here when I find them or they’re sent to me. Today, I have one of the… Read more »

Wool Book Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so completely sucked into a fictional world like I have been recently with Wool. I’m working through the two sequels now, and am happy to report the depth of the world continues to grow, as does my interest in it. I read, watch, and play a lot… Read more »

LEGO set review: Raptor Rampage

Set: #75917 Pieces: 324 On the back of the recent release of Jurassic World there has been a bunch of LEGO® sets released with it. I picked a couple of them up, and here is a review of the middle sized set with the Raptors, everyone loves the Raptors right? Out of the Box In… Read more »

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust Movie Review

From the country that gave the world Peter Jackson and his film Braindead (aka Dead Alive) comes another Kiwi low budget zombie film from director Guy Pigden with his film I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. Quick fire story: We are on the set with recently graduated film student Wesley who has become the new runner… Read more »

Jurassic World Movie Review

Kia Ora Bricks of the Dead readers! Knowing Dave is a bit busy with his new job and content being a bit tight on the site, I thought I’d put my hand up to do some more reviews for the site. I have done some LEGO set reviews in the past, but I haven’t gotten… Read more »