Lone Sniper – LEGO Zombie Creation

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week is called “Lone Sniper“, and was built by The Brick Zombie (formerly 69ZombieSlayer). Check it out: What’s Going On? We’ve got a police sniper on the roof of a medium sized building. He’s got a couple of rifles, and a whole crate of ammunition. Below is a… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week: Bloodborne

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation is a bit of a stretch. It’s based on the game Bloodborne, produced by From Software, who made Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls one and two, all of which are infamous for their difficulty. While Bloodborne is a bit different from the previous games, it revolves around combating all sorts… Read more »

Empire of the Undead Review

I am both a huge fan of history and zombies, so when you put the two together, I tend to get pretty excited. Empire of the Undead hits this sweet spot, by setting its zombie apocalypse right in the middle of the Roman empire. Better still, it splits the narrative between the city of Rome… Read more »

Theme Updates

So you probably noticed that the site looks quite a bit different. Good job! So what’s the deal? Well, next week Google is changing its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites and penalized non-mobile-friendly sites. Since BotD wasn’t mobile friendly, I didn’t want to get penalized, so I pushed the new template out early. It’s responsive,… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation: Lab Escape

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to check out an awesome LEGO Zombie creation. This week, the creation is “Lab Escape” by Clement127. This isn’t some huge, complicated build with a bunch of clever parts usage and tens of thousands of parts. Rather, it’s a very simply scene that shines thanks to great staging and… Read more »

Game Review: Darkest Dungeon

I’m a big fan of role playing games; it’s one of the holdovers from my time as an anti-social nerd up through high school. At the time, I had lots of spare time to sit down and really invest myself into the world of the game, lovingly craft and develop characters, and just get lost… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation: La Revanche du Bison

This week’s featured zombie creation is called “La Revanche du Bison” by Bong18Studio. Google Translate tells me this is French for Bison’s Revenge, which is a pretty damn cool title if you ask me. The creation is presented without any commentary, so I can only guess as to the meaning. But don’t you work, guess… Read more »

H4 GoPro Case Review

While film productions might consider a camera the retailers between $130.00 and $500.00 pretty disposable – they call them “crash cams” for a reason – for most of us, it’s a pretty major purchase, and one that certainly calls for care and protection. There are a ton of case options available for the GoPro, but… Read more »