LEGO Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199

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Prepare to unleash your creative side with the LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man set (31199) – a captivating journey into the world of Super Heroes. With three incredibly detailed options to choose from, including the MARK III, HULKBUSTER MARK I, or MARK LXXXV armor suits, you can immerse yourself in building an awe-inspiring portrait while reveling in the included Soundtrack packed with fascinating stories and cool details. So why wait? Dive into this 3,167-piece masterpiece, enhance your artistic mindfulness, and display your love for Iron Man on your wall or shelf with pride.

Aug 2020
Dec 2021

Explore the Realm of Super Heroes With Marvel Studios Iron Man LEGO Art Set

Step into the awe-inspiring universe of superheroes with the iconic Marvel Studios Iron Man Art Set from LEGO®! This artistic masterpiece is not your everyday LEGO set – it offers an immersive journey into creativity and a mesmerizing escape from routine life. Let’s delve into more details.

Breathtakingly Detailed Iron Man Portraits

Do you adore Iron Man? If yes, then this creative kit will leave you mesmerized! Delivering three different yet exquisitely detailed portraits of Iron Man’s armor – MARK III, HULKBUSTER MARK I, or the MARK LXXXV, you are free to choose your favorite. The magic doesn’t officially end there as by purchasing three sets, you can combine them all into a single ultimate Iron Man art piece. How amazing is that!

A New Approach to Building Experience

This LEGO set doesn’t just open up a world of marvels but also offers an innovative approach to artefact building. With every piece you place, entertain yourself with fascinating stories and intriguing details via the included Soundtrack – exclusive to this set. Once completed, the art piece is signed off with a unique Marvel Studios signature plate for an authentic touch. Where to display this marvel? Let it grace your walls or bookshelves adding a dose of adventure to your living space.

Artistry and Mindfulness in One LEGO Kit

Even if you’re not an artist or LEGO enthusiast per se, this stunning artwork will undoubtedly captivate your senses. The tranquil process of building this wall art kit reveals the true power of mindfulness and therapeutic escapism that LEGO has to offer. Regardless of your age, indulge in this 3167-piece set that includes 9 decorative canvas wall plates, a brick-built LEGO frame, and many more unique elements for an easy yet rewarding experience.

Tailor-Made for Super Heroes Enthusiasts

Celebrate your love for Super Heroes with a craft activity par excellence. Want to challenge yourself further creatively? Create an admirable and spectacular Iron Man wall piece by combining three sets that will proudly grace your home or office premises. Following step-by-step directions in the handy coffee-table-quality instructions’ booklet and engage with an immersive Soundtrack while you amass this intricate piece.

No Batteries? No Problem!

This adult-friendly art set does not require any batteries – offering a break from high-tech distractions rife today. Just sit back, connect the compatible pieces at your leisure and watch as this masterpiece gradually unfolds before your eyes. This exercise is about more than just building – it is exploring your passion for arts and crafts while creating something profound in quiet contemplation.

Assured Quality and Safety from LEGO®

LEGO aims at providing top-notch quality products which are consistent, compatible and secure to use. Each piece in any LEGO Art set meets stringent safety standards while embracing the aesthetics of its design – ensuring a balance between beauty and robustness since 1958.

The Marvel Studios Iron Man Art Set then isn’t merely a toy but an engaging narrative woven around Super Heroes and architecture, sure to captivate anyone looking for their next creative project!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Marvel Studios Iron Man
Pieces 3167
RRP £114.99 / $119.99 / 119.99€
Release Year 2020
Theme Art
Instructions Lego Marvel Studios Iron Man Instructions