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The Tantive IV LEGO Star Wars set is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, featuring intricate details like elevating gun turrets and 11 massive engines at the back. Designed by César Soares, this highly detailed building toy construction set includes over 1,750 pieces and even comes with an R2-D2 droid LEGO figure for added authenticity. Whether you want to recreate scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope or embark on your own adventures, this set is sure to provide endless hours of building, playing, and displaying fun.

Star Wars
May 2019
Dec 2020

Explore the Iconic Tantive IV LEGO Set

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the Star Wars universe with the LEGO Star Wars 75244 Tantive IV set. With an array of unique features, this stunning recreation of the iconic Rebel cruiser from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope offers endless play opportunities and makes a remarkable centerpiece for any LEGO Star Wars collection.

A Faithful Design

The Tantive IV set is designed by renowned LEGO builder César Soares and boasts a staggering 1,768 pieces. Long-time fans of the epic space saga will appreciate the remarkable attention to detail in replicating the original starship. The elongated hull, detachable escape pods, elevating gun turrets, cargo hold, and massive engines at the back are sure to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. Preparing for your next mission has never been more exciting!

Intricate Interior

Beyond its impressive exterior, the Tantive IV LEGO set features an intricate interior that can be accessed by removing the hull plating. Inside, you’ll find a detailed cockpit that comfortably fits two minifigures, a conference area complete with a table, a weapon rack, and a control console featuring two additional seats. These intricate details take your imaginative playtime to new heights as you recreate the fascinating world of Star Wars.

Remarkable Minifigures

Dive deep into character-driven storytelling with this rich collection of minifigures included in the set. The Tantive IV comes with six meticulously crafted figures: Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO, a Rebel Fleet Trooper, and everyone’s favorite astromech droid – an R2-D2 LEGO figure. The updated version of the Captain Antilles minifigure, along with the new-for-April-2019 designs of Princess Leia’s skirt and Bail Organa, ensures a fresh and authentic experience as you immerse yourself in the Star Wars narrative.

Abundant Play Features

The Tantive IV’s immersive features promise endless hours of imaginative play. The radar dish doubles as a convenient carry handle, while detachable escape pods provide thrilling rescue opportunities. Furthermore, opening cargo holds, removable cargo boxes, rotating and elevating stud-shooting turrets, and spring-loaded shooters offer plenty of excitement as you reenact exhilarating battles from the Star Wars saga. From living out the opening scene from A New Hope to creating your own adventures, the possibilities are endless with this incredible LEGO set.

An Investment for All Ages

With its age range of 12+, the Tantive IV set is perfect for both young and old LEGO enthusiasts alike. Its dimensions (58.2 x 37.8 x 10.3 cm or 22.9 x 14.9 x 4.1 inches) make it an ideal display piece after you’ve completed your intergalactic missions. Released in 2019 with a retail price of £179.99 / $199.99 / 194.95€, this highly detailed construction set is worth every penny and is sure to become a cherished addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Embark on an Epic Adventure

The Tantive IV LEGO Star Wars set allows fans to relive their favorite moments from the iconic movie or create brand new stories in the richly imagined universe of Star Wars. With intricate details, impressive design and captivating minifigures – along with its functionality that strikes an optimal balance between play and display – the Tantive IV is an essential addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection. So grab your blaster and your electrobinoculars, climb aboard the Tantive IV, and embark on an epic adventure.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Tantive IV
RRP£179.99 / $199.99 / 194.95€
Release Year2019
ThemeStar Wars
InstructionsLego Tantive IV Instructions