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Unleash your inner symbiote and immerse yourself in the sinister world of Marvel’s Spider-Man with the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Venom (76187) set. Crafted to cater to collectors and model-making enthusiasts, this captivating build-and-display masterpiece brings to life the unmistakable menace of Venom, showcasing intricate brickwork that perfectly captures the creature’s fearsome, razor-toothed features. Standing at an imposing 7 inches high, this devilishly detailed model is an absolute must-have for anyone seeking a spellbinding escape into the dark side of comic-book culture.

Marvel Super Heroes
Apr 2021
To Be Announced

Welcome to the dark side with LEGO’s Venom!

Awaken your inner builder and step into Marvel’s enigmatic universe with the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man themed set, ‘Venom’ (Product Number: 76187). This unforgettable build-and-display model was unveiled in 2021 and has been unsettling LEGO fanatics ever since.

A Closer Look at Lego’s Venom

The Venom set gives you the chance to let your creative prowess run wild, enabling you to bring life to one of Marvel’s most notorious super-villains. With its sharp-toothed smile stretching wider than you’d think possible; a long, viciously twisted tongue; and a brooding, sinister brow, this venomous exhibit is hard to miss. And courtesy of the designer, Adam Grabowski, each one of these elements demonstrates amazing attention to detail.

True-to-Character Replica

Comprising of 565 carefully crafted pieces designed to delight builders, this set deviates from the typical LEGO themes and takes a deep dive into the land of alien symbiotes. Any fan of Spider-Man or even just someone with an eye for unusual Marvel creations will appreciate this gift. The end product stands proud at 19.1 cm high, taking command of your living space or office desk.

Ticket into The Spider-Man Universe

The Venom set is more than just a toy, it’s a ticket into the fascinating world of Spider-Man. It’s not just about assembling blocks; instead, each piece brings our favourite alien symbiote closer to life right in your living room. Once completed, this make-believe menace sits atop its robust base featuring a fashionable plaque bearing its name. A sight to behold as it joins your other LEGO giants!

A Worthy Addition Your Collection

This LEGO build is meticulously designed to bring joy and satisfaction long after the actual construction process. It offers escapism from daily life stresses through an engaging and productive activity. Moreover, this harkens back to simpler times when a box full of LEGOs was enough to keep you entertained for hours on end./p>

Quality Guaranteed

As is characteristic of all LEGO sets designed with adults in mind, Venom ensures an enthralling build-and-display experience that captivates any construction enthusiast at heart. There’s no compromise on quality since this menacing model fulfills all stringent industry standards making it not only compatible but ensures pieces connect and pull apart perfectly every time! Each component undergoes rigorous testing including twisting, heating and drop tests amongst others, so you can rest easy knowing they meet global safety standards.

A Final Word

If you’re yet to explore the intriguing realm filled with iconic characters brought alive by bricks, then it is time you start with the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Venom set (SET_NUMBER: 76187). It’s more than just a model; it’s an adventure awaiting your participation!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Venom
Pieces 565
RRP £59.99 / $69.99 / 69.99€
Release Year 2021
Theme Marvel Super Heroes
Instructions Lego Venom Instructions