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Experience the quintessential elegance of neoclassical design with the LEGO Architecture The White House. Immerse yourself in a creative sanctuary and unravel the intricate details of this iconic landmark, from the stately Executive Residence to the ethereal colonnades that grace the East and West Wings. Crafted for discerning enthusiasts and ardent admirers of history, architecture, and design, this stunning model seamlessly combines beauty and craftsmanship, offering you a captivating escape into a world of timeless grandeur.

Jun 2020
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A Detailed Look at The LEGO White House Set

As a LEGO lover and enthusiast, imagine how exciting it is to create a miniaturized version of one of the world’s most iconic buildings – The White House. Released in June 2020 as part of the Landmark Series under the Architecture theme, the The White House LEGO set, with item number 21054, is not just an ordinary set. It is a piece of America’s rich history, brought to life in LEGO form.

Breaking Down the LEGO White House

In this intricately detailed set comprising 1483 pieces, you get a chance to recreate the grand neoclassical design and splendor intrinsic to the inhabited residence of every United States president since 1800. The grandeur and elegance inherent to the Executive Residence, the connecting colonnades of the East and West Wings are brilliantly replicated in this set. But that’s not all; it also includes landscaping details like the Rose Garden and Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

The sections of this marvelous model can be effortlessly divided into separate parts for a closer look at its architecture. And for that finishing touch, it includes a ‘The White House’ LEGO brick, making it a sensational conversational display piece.

Enchanting Measures for a Modish Display

This captivating LEGO model of The White House stands 4” (11cm) high. Measuring 18” (47cm) by width and 7” (20cm) by depth, it is no small-scale toy set. Instead, this design provides an ideal size for showcase display in your home or office — an amazing replica that converses architectural elegance and historical prominence.

Rejoice in the Construction Journey

Engross yourself in reconstructing The White House from scratch with LEGO bricks. This activity functions as a relaxing and refreshing hobby by letting you focus on alluring creativity. You don’t need batteries – just unfold your imagination!

The set comes with clear instructions that readily allow both beginners and seasoned builders to engage with confidence. Plus, there’s an additional coffee-table-style booklet featuring interesting facts and stories about The White House.

Highest Quality Assurance — As Always!

When it comes to quality assurance, LEGO never compromises. All bricks are meticulously tested to meet the highest industry standards in consistency, compatibility, connectibility, which guarantees easy assembling and disassembling every time. With LEGO’s painstaking quality control measures rest assured that your miniature version of The White House will be as sturdy as its gorgeous full-sized counterpart.

A Perfect Addition to Your Collection/H3>

Stepping into history has never been this fun! Whether you’re a history buff who loves architecture or an avid traveler looking for their next stay-at-home adventure — this creative building kit is meant for you! Equally suitable for anyone aged 18+, you can gift this set to yourself or any hobbyist you know eager for his/her next creative project.

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