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Step into the colorful world of “The Simpsons” with The Simpsons House LEGO set. Packed with intricate details, this whimsical model captures the essence of Springfield, from Homer and Marge’s cozy bedroom to Bart’s room adorned with a Krusty the Clown poster. With clever touches like a dent on the family car and Ned Flanders’ belongings strategically scattered around, this collector’s item is sure to delight fans of all ages.

The Simpsons
Feb 2014
Dec 2017

Experience Springfield with the LEGO® The Simpsons House Set

If you are a fan of The Simpsons animated TV series or LEGO building sets, or both, your world is about to become more colourful, comical, and creatively fulfilling. Introducing the LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House Set.

Iconic Reproduction in LEGO’s Signature Style

Unveiled in 2014 by the renowned toy manufacturers, this set delectably captures all the charm and humor of Springfield’s most famous fictional residence. Composed of an astounding 2523 pieces which assemble to form this iconic house as well as attached elements like detachable garage and family car with a gleefully intentional dent.

A Creative Journey through the Simpson Home

Savour the amusement of constructing Homer and Marge’s spacious bedroom inclusive of their bed and baby Maggie’s crib. Then venture on to piece together Bart’s radiant room with a skateboard and a poster of his beloved Krusty the Clown. Lisa’s private space is also included complete with favourite books, jazz poster et al. All these rooms along with a fully-equipped bathroom are located on the top floor, which you can remove to reveal an exquisitely detailed kitchen, dining room, and living room done in striking yellow and light-blue tiled floor.

Detailed Accessories for Enhanced Play Experience

Immerse yourself in the infamous clutter that is synonymous with the Simpsons household. Encounter tons of unique accessories like pots, pans, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp marred by ‘El Barto’ graffiti and lots more! The level of detail extends to the outer terrace as well where you’ll uncover stuff like Ned Flanders’ ‘borrowed’ air conditioning unit and more.

The Minifigs: Our Favorite Characters in Miniature form!

A total six minifigures grace this set. Along with the mainstay family members – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, Ned Flanders has been thrown into the mix too because let’s be honest – it wouldn’t be Springfield without him!

A Real Collector’s Joy

Whether you’re an adult fan who grew up watching The Simpsons or a teenager intrigued by Lego building fun or perhaps fall somewhere in between – This Simpsons House set is an utter joy to both build and play. The specifications mean that it also makes for an impressive display piece due to its significant dimensions.

Embrace this one-of-a-kind opportunity to merge your love for Lego brick building with America’s longest-running sitcom series. Grab your version of 71006 LEGO Simpsons House today – step into fun!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: The Simpsons House
Pieces 2523
RRP £189.99 / $199.99 / 199.99€
Release Year 2014
Theme The Simpsons
Instructions Lego The Simpsons House Instructions