LEGO Tech Machines Set 45002

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Unleash your little ones’ boundless creativity and nurture their problem-solving skills with the captivating Tech Machines Set! As they construct fascinating machines, this Duplo set not only engages their fine motor skills but also introduces them to fundamental engineering concepts. With inspirational building cards, activity booklets, and a range of interactive elements, this educational gem from LEGO Education is a treasure trove of hands-on learning that will captivate young minds and foster a love for exploration and critical thinking. So why wait? Fuel their imaginations today!

3 – 6
Jan 2013
Dec 2018

A Closer Look at the Tech Machines Set

Launched in 2013, the Tech Machines Set is a specially designed product from LEGO’s Education genre, targeted at young children. Being part of the Duplo subtheme, this set of detailed building blocks is more than just a toy. It carries beyond its fun facade, a unique blend of play and education that stimulates the young minds to explore, experiment, understand, and create.

A Brief Overview

Set number 45002, colloquially named the ‘Tech Machines Set’, hit the toy markets on January 1st, 2013. It boasted its presence for six years before retiring on December 31st, 2018. This intricate yet playful set, intended for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, includes a whopping number of 95 pieces. Its dimensions stand at an impressive 43.8 x 32.3 x 27.4 cm and it weighs around 2.5Kg.

The Tech Machines Set was priced at £249.99 in the UK, $239.95 in the US, and €274.99 in Europe. The rich assortment of pieces comes with a price tag equating to about 263.1p per piece in the UK, 252.6 cents in the US or about 289.5 cents in Europe.

The Cornucopia Of Elements Included

No ordinary LEGO set! This one encompasses six mini-figurines aimed at opening up several avenues for imaginative play and role-playing activities for little tykes. Furthermore, it houses four unique screwdrivers with integrated screws to join specific bricks together – introducing youngsters to some basic principles of engineering even as they’re engrossed in their play.

And it doesn’t end there! To raise the bar of fun-filled learning, this set serves up two inspirational building cards that feature construction instructions for two kinds of construction equipment – helping children to not only understand but also apply practical knowledge.

Tech Machines Set — More Than Just A Toy

The allure of this LEGO set transcends its surface-level entertainment value to impart valuable skills and concepts. In simple words – It’s a package deal! The little builders can enhance their fine motor skills while tackling problem-solving situations as they assemble these classic machines.

Dripping with potential and brimming with prospects for creative exploration – exposure to such a stimulating yet entertaining learning tool can indeed leave long-lasting effects on children’s cognitive development.

Weaving Learning With Fun At Home

Looking for productive yet entertaining home learning tools? Look no further than this comprehensive learning resource from LEGO Education – home to years of established educational practices infused with hands-on experiences that align perfectly with locally applicable curriculum needs.

For four decades and counting, LEGO Education has redefined teaching methodologies by expertly pairing substantial learning with intriguing gaming mechanics to deliver enduring educational outcomes.

Your Gateway To Educational Solutions

You too can tap into the enigma of effective learning mechanisms wrapped in an entertaining bundle with LEGO Education’s customer services team’s support before and after your purchase.

The contribution extends beyond selling products towards ensuring excellent utilization of resources within an educational framework- justifying why LEGO Education Learning Resources are more than mere toys!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Tech Machines Set
Pieces 95
RRP £249.99 / $239.95 / 274.99€
Release Year 2013
Theme Education
Instructions Lego Tech Machines Set Instructions