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Discover the vibrant traditions of Chinese culture with the enchanting LEGO set 80106: Story of Nian. As you immerse yourself in the snowy scene, build a stunning Northern China-style residence adorned with charming decorations such as fireworks, lanterns, and festive banners. Unleash your creativity through role-play as you encounter the mythical Nian creature and join a cast of captivating minifigures on an unforgettable Lunar New Year adventure. With its intricate details and educational value, this remarkable set is a gift that encapsulates both the joy of building and the rich heritage of Chinese traditions.

Jan 2021
Dec 2021

Welcoming the Lunar New Year with LEGO’s Story of Nian

As the curtain fell on 2021, LEGO® ushered in the Lunar New Year with an exciting new assembly set that celebrated Chinese traditions with style. The 80106 ‘Story of Nian’ set, part of the brand’s seasonal collectibles focusing on Chinese Traditional Festivals, hit the market on January 1st and enjoyed a solid year-long presence until its retirement in December.

At A Glance: Set Details And Specifications

Defined by 1067 pieces full of color and cultural representation, the Story of Nian set comes at a market price of £59.99 in the UK, $79.99 in the US, and 69.99€ across Europe. This translates to an approximate cost per piece at 5.6p/7.5c/6.6c, offering top value for both young builders and adult collectors.

It boasts seven unique minifigures, including three children, grandparents, someone donned in an ox costume—symbolizing the Chinese Year of Ox—and even a delightful brick-made snowman. The target age range starts from eight years onwards, catering to both fresh LEGO enthusiasts and seasoned builders. The dimensions settle around 35.4 x 37.8 x 7.1 cm (13.9 x 14.9 x 2.8 in), enabling an engaging and compact building experience.

Step Into A Traditional Lunar New Year Celebration

The ‘Story of Nian’ set offers a hands-on journey into Chinese tradition while adding a playful twist to Lunar New Year celebrations for kids and adults alike! An intricately designed Asian residence forms the heart of this set, featuring traditional festive decorations which range from buildable firecrackers and fireworks to hanging lanterns and vibrant Chun Lian banners. LEGO advanced this cultural authenticity with warrior guardian stickers and two cabbage elements to ward off any spiritual malice.

A Playful Journey Into The Legends

A brick-built version of the legendary monster known as ‘Nian’, fully posable for added fun, brings humourous vibes to a snowy scene setup radiating nostalgia. Numerous accessory elements await discovery: think fire torches coupled with spring cleaning appliances that offer countless possibilities for imaginative play and storytelling in true LEGO style.

A Treasure For Collectors And Culture Enthusiasts

Besides offering hours of engaging playtime, these collectible traditional festival LEGO sets double as educational gifts illuminating Asian culture for kids or anyone with a keen eye for such nuances. Whether as a solo building project or as means to bond over role plays with friends or family members, they transform into mesmerizing centerpiece displays that incite photographs and conversations.

Safety And Quality: The Lego Promise

Assuring compatibility and concentrated quality since its inception in 1958, LEGO guarantees that their bricks meet exhaustive industry standards through meticulous testing regimes ensuring safety for all ages.

Festival Legos: Celebrate Life’s Milestones Differently

In conclusion, The LEGO® Story of Nian set invites all to explore Chinese festivals through an exciting build process filled with culture-rich figures and structures that bring celebrations right into your home!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Story of Nian
Pieces 1067
RRP £59.99 / $79.99 / 69.99€
Release Year 2021
Theme Seasonal
Instructions Lego Story of Nian Instructions