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Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker is a delightful treat for creative kids who love on-the-go play. With its alluring transparent glitter shell and a secret toy pet tucked inside, this compact LEGO Friends set sparks the imagination. Aspiring chefs can indulge in baking adventures with Stephanie, complete with a toy cake, mini-doll accessories, and two baking-themed scenes. The possibilities are as sweet as the icing on the cake, whether kids choose to stack and connect their cubes or embark on exciting playdates with friends. Perfectly portable and bursting with charm, this irresistible toy will inspire countless deliciously imaginative journeys into Heartlake City.

Jan 2020
Mar 2020

The Engaging LEGO Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker Set

For a thrilling, and mesmerizing experience that will make your child’s playtime monumental, dive into the engaging world of LEGO® with the Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker set (SET_NUMBER: 41401). This captivating set is part of the Friends theme, specifically the sub-theme: Play Cube. Launched at the start of 2020, it has rapidly gained appreciation among avid LEGO® fans and collectors due to its unique concept and fascinating details.

An Overview of the LEGO Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker Set

The alluring beauty of this set comes in a shiny transparent glitter shell designed to instantly capture attention. Also, hidden within this fantastic play cube is a secret toy pet ready to surprise any child. With a total of 44 creatively crafted pieces, this compact toy lets children bit by bit take on the role of young bakers, helping Stephanie bake a delightful toy cake in her petite but well-equipped kitchenette—crafted with minute detailed accessories—found within the cube.

A Delightful Approach to Baking

This small-scale playset sparks creativity and makes every play session an exhilarating learning experience. The mini-kitchen is not only removable for versatile gameplay but can also be attached to the cube’s base. Hence, children can enjoy uninterrupted fun on-the-go without worrying about losing any bricks! Even better, two children can share in this exciting culinary adventure as the cube splits into two halves letting them co-create their fabulous pastries.

Expanding the World of Pretend Play

This play cube extends beyond just one set. It offers children an opportunity to engulf themselves more deeply into the captivating universe of LEGO Friends. They can collect four other cubes to further satiate their curiosity and develop more intricate scenarios within Heartlake City—the hub of LEGO Friends. Each cube comes with a surprise pet in random colors which remains unrevealed until unpacking, thus adding an element of surprise!

A Compact Toy with Multiple Capacities

The Lego Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker set perfectly illustrates that good things come in small packages. This portable toy is easy to carry around due to its miniature size (only 15.3 x 20.5 x 5.2 cm and weighing only 0.09Kg), making it an ideal companion for both short and long journeys alike. Befitting children aged six years and above, it serves as a valuable addition to their toy collection and enriches their imagination.

No Compromise on Quality

Taking pride in our global standard safety measures, we ensure that all LEGO® bricks are rigorously tested. We employ a variety of methods including dropping, heating, biting, scratching so that they meet our high-quality standards while providing children with exceptional play experiences.

Stephanie’s Play Cube – A Wonderful Gift Option

If you are looking for an exciting gift option for those young foodie kids or baking enthusiasts in your life, there could be no better pick than Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker set from LEGO® Friends collection! Packaged in compact and vibrant boxes; these are bound to lure children into hours of innovative play delight!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker
Pieces 44
RRP £7.99 / $9.99 / 9.99€
Release Year 2020
Theme Friends
Instructions Lego Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker Instructions