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Gear up for an extraterrestrial thrill like no other with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Roller Coaster (31142). This cosmic playset catapults space enthusiasts aged 9+ into an amusement park experience like never before. Brace yourself as three gravity-defying carts whiz past a celestial rocket, majestic replicas of Saturn and Earth, a lunar base, and even a shooting star. With the ability to also construct a daring drop tower or mesmerizing spinning space carousel, youngsters can indulge in endless intergalactic excitement. Let your imagination soar as you delve into this epic 874-piece construction set, complete with a luminous light brick feature, five captivating minifigures, and an interactive digital building experience via the LEGO Builder app. Perfectly blending creativity and science, it’s a gift that will transport any avid builder into the realms of futuristic exploration.

Aug 2023
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Embark on a Cosmic Adventure with the LEGO® Creator Space Roller Coaster

Prepare for lift-off! A thrilling new attraction has landed in the LEGO® universe that is sure to satisfy both amusement park enthusiasts and space exploration fans alike. Paying a tribute to the wonders of the cosmos, the latest offering from LEGO®’s creative line is a model kit termed ‘Space Roller Coaster’. Introduced as part of their dynamic 3in1 Creator series, this all-inclusive building block set holds a galactic surprise for everyone who ventures into its orbit.

A Trip Through The Stars

The Space Roller Coaster crash-landed on Earth in August 2023, bringing dreamy interstellar adventures into the playrooms of children aged 9+. With this set, Lego continues to cement its unbeatable legacy of delivering top-quality toys year after year.

Comprising of 874 meticulously crafted pieces, this versatile kit allows young builders to engage with diverse elements hailing from our vast universe – from detailed planetary models to quirkily designed space rockets. Not to mention, the set also includes a light brick feature that when activated showers your creation in aesthetically pleasing illumination.

Mankind’s First Amusement Park in Space?

Apart from re-creating popular celestial entities, this construction set is unique as it introduces an amusing twist – it lets you build and operate your very own amusement park rides out there in zero gravity! At its heart is a fully-functional roller coaster with three moving carts that streak across an inventive track layout, enhancing several notches the thrill of locomotion in space.

But why stop there? With instructions included for creating three different rides, envisage also having an adrenaline-pumping drop tower equipped with an elevator or a wildly spinning carousel studded with mini space rockets right next to your otherworldly roller coaster!

Beyond The Final Frontier

This one-of-a-kind construction set comes complete with five fun minifigures – an astronaut ready for exploration; a scientist working diligently on cosmic wonders; a spaceship-loving dad and two spirited children armed with helmets for their exciting ride; and even a baby astronaut all suited up for its first galactic adventure. These figures can interact within this sprawling cosmic carnival built by young enterprises, making play sessions more immersive and enchanting than ever before.

Building LEGO’s Space Roller Coaster promises not just an engaging challenge but also immense gratification at its completion. Once assembled, it stands over 10.5 inches high and 22 inches deep – surely deserving pride of place among every child’s prized collections! As compared to that temporal pleasure reaped from most toys, know this product as a gift that keeps giving – fostering endless hours of captivating joy for every imaginative builder.

With LEGO providing remarkable digital accompaniment through their user-friendly Builder app, children can virtually zoom and rotate this model prior to its physical assembly on their smartphones or tablets. Of course, never in doubt remains the ‘hardware’ aspect of these fantastic bricks that seem to interconnect effortlessly every time they are used – ensuring kids’ safety and their parents’ peace of mind!

Set Course For Smiles From Here To Infinity!

Gift your child a ticket aboard the Space Roller Coaster where they can experience the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos while enjoying exhilarating rides. Get strapped in for unfathomable joy as children whirl around celestial bodies and whizz past shooting stars right from their bedrooms – only with LEGO® Creator’s Space Roller Coaster!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Space Roller Coaster
Pieces 874
RRP £94.99 / $109.99 / 104.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme Creator
Instructions Lego Space Roller Coaster Instructions