LEGO Service & Care Truck 41348

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Join Olivia on her daring rescue missions with the high-octane LEGO Friends Service & Care Truck. With its tipping ramp, winch function, and lifting workshop area, Olivia can quickly and efficiently transport and repair go-karts for her racing friends. Complete with a go-kart launcher and mini-doll figure, this thrilling set is sure to rev up the excitement for any budding architect or speed enthusiast. So gear up and hit the button to make Olivia zoom off into thrilling adventures!

6 – 12
Jun 2018
Jul 2019

Explore the Thrilling World of Racing with the Service & Care Truck

Welcome to the exhilarating universe of LEGO® Friends second-to-none subtheme, Racing. Steal a glimpse into the vivid world brought alive by the 41348 Service & Care Truck set , an innovative offering designed by the competent Chiara Biscontin. Embarked in June 2018, this unique kit offers a delightful concoction of fun, thrill and learning for children aged between six to twelve years.

Set Specifications

A marvel weighing merely 0.35 Kg, the Service & Care Truck brilliantly combines intricacy and simplicity. The majestic ensemble comprises a humble count of 247 pieces, aptly served for tiny hands to grip and construct with ease. The dimensions testify its compactness, with lengths reading a comfortable 20.5 x 19.1 x 7.3 cm.

The miniature universe is enriched with minifig Olivia equipped in her nifty racing outfit and crash helmet. The lively Zobo robot and cute Rumble hamster add further endearment to the kit.

Pricing and Value

Available at an astonishingly reasonable retail price, spanning £14.99, $19.99 and 19.99€ across respective territories, this kit provides an indulgence that doesn’t weigh heavy on your pockets. Calculated per piece, The cost operates around 6.1p for UK folks, while being cents 8.1 for both US and European residents.

Racing Excitement with LEGO® Friends

The Service & Care truck set is ready to fuel your child’s passion for speed! Spark their imagination as they witness Olivia rushing to aid her racing comrades on their thrilling escapades.

The outstanding features include a functional tow truck equipped with a tipping ramp and winch, facilitating the moving of Olivia’s go-kart onto it from workshop area. Children can experience real-time vehicle repair as they lift the go-kart and scrutinize its underparts using lifting function embedded in workshop area.

The array of accessory tools such as hammer, wrench introduces kids with handy workshop tools needed for vehicle repair and maintenance works.

Expanding Possibilities

To add to the ongoing thrill factor, combining the Service & Care Truck with sets like Drifting Diner (41349), Creative Tuning Shop (41351)and The Big Race Day (41352) can amplify the fun exponentially! Hit the launcher button & watch with elation as Olivia zooms away in her robust go-kart racing into endless horizons of delightful adventures waiting to be discovered!

Instruction Manuals
Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Service & Care Truck
Pieces 247
RRP £14.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€
Release Year 2018
Theme Friends
Instructions Lego Service & Care Truck Instructions