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Embark on an intergalactic adventure with the LEGO City 60225 Rover Testing Drive set. Inspired by NASA’s Mars Exploration, this captivating building toy features a highly detailed rover equipped with a removable cockpit, an ingenious articulated grappling arm, and a sleek solar panel generator. Alongside two new-for-June-2019 geodes, this immersive play experience comes alive with minifigures donning astronaut suits and a ground crew technician, igniting endless possibilities for the burgeoning space explorer. Journey to celestial realms and conquer new frontiers with this extraordinary LEGO creation, where young builders can let their imaginations soar among the stars.

Jun 2019
Dec 2020

Rover Testing Drive: A Cosmic Adventure Awaits!

As part of their exciting City range, LEGO® unveiled a set that sparked the interest of young space enthusiasts and inspired budding astronauts. This was none other than the “Rover Testing Drive”, a set derived from the Mars Exploration subtheme. Made available from June 2019, until its retirement at the end of 2020, this captivating toy offered immersive play for those aged 5 and above.

A Detailed Discovery

The Rover Testing Drive, with product number 60225, is more than just your standard LEGO® construct—it’s a space exploration experience that kids simply can’t get enough of. This impressive set constituted of 202 distinct pieces was affordable too, setting parents back by just £17.99 or $29.99.

Not only was it cost-effective and educational, but it was also a neat little size. Weighing in at 0.36Kg (0.8 lb) and easily fitting onto any shelf with its dimensions of 26 x 18.9 x 6 cm, this set integrated impeccably into any collection.

Experience Astronomical Adventures

The Rover Testing Drive is packed full of galactic treasures that mimic a real-life NASA-inspired rover set. It includes an intricately designed rover vehicle with a removable cockpit for the astronaut minifigure to sit in – controlling the quest towards cosmic explorations.

User interactivity is taken a notch higher with the articulated grappling arm that is designed to be maneuvered by the ground crew technician minifigure—the other valuable inclusion in this set-

An Array Of Superior Accessories

This fabulous space-themed construction set is loaded with an array of superior accessories, each aiming to amplify the fun factor of this galactic game. Noteworthy among these are two new-for-June-2019 geodes which form a crucial part of any Mars Exploration mission.

To add more realism to the play scenarios, there are additional elements such as a laptop for seamless control, a remote control to guide the rover, a rock drill to explore Mars terrains, and a video camera for documentation.

Directions For Precise Assembly

To provide guidance for assembley LEGO® included instructions within its LEGO Life app called Instructions PLUS. This application’s interactive guide facilitates even younger ones to seamlessly organize all parts into a fantastic Space Rover – building their self-confidence and sense of achievement.

Final Thoughts

Moulding imaginative play into an exuberant learning experience is what the Rover Testing Drive does best! A perfect gift for the budding astronauts in your life, this out-of-the-world playtime companion brings joy beyond Earth’s boundaries—igniting dreams and inspirations that are fiercer than rocket propellers!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:Rover Testing Drive
RRP£17.99 / $29.99 / 19.49€
Release Year2019
InstructionsLego Rover Testing Drive Instructions