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Unleash your inner engineer with the captivating Roadwork Crew from LEGO Technic. This formidable set allows you to construct not just one, but two magnificent vehicles – a versatile truck with a steering system, tipping flatbed, and detachable trailer, as well as a high-performing digger complete with a rotating superstructure and efficient boom and bucket. With its vibrant orange, gray, and black color scheme serving as the perfect backdrop, immerse yourself in the intricate world of engineering and craftsmanship as you build and rebuild these mechanical marvels with unparalleled precision using the interactive 3D digital LEGO instructions app.

8 – 14
Nov 2016
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The Exciting Technic Roadwork Crew Lego Set

Aiming to recreate the indefatigable spirit of a bustling construction site, Lego introduces its dynamic Technic Roadwork Crew set (SET_NUMBER: 42060). Embracing the traditional Lego boldness with a classic orange, gray and black color palette, this set is all about details and functionality. It was officially released in 2017, following a launch on November 27, 2016.

A Bundle of Creativity

What if you could play with more than just one vehicle model in a Lego set? Well, that’s exactly what the Roadwork Crew set brings to your collection. The set overflows with captivating interactive features. Packed with 365 pieces, builders will have fun interacting with a construction truck complete with working steering capabilities, a tipping flatbed and a removable trailer. Additionally, it boasts of a tracked digger that comes complete with an operational boom and bucket and a fascinating rotating superstructure.

A Double Build-and-play Experience

With an age range suitable for 8 to 14-year-olds, the Technic Roadwork Crew opens up an immersive construction experience as each model can be reassemble into something entirely new. After the build time fun, switch things up by converting your models into a Mini Gritter with Plow. This impressive two-in-one functionality offers users endless hours of playtime and fosters a hands-on learning approach on mechanics and engineering principles.

Premium Building Promise

Like all Lego sets, the Roadwork Crew is designed in accordance with Lego’s premium building promise underlining its compatibility with other Lego construction sets for creative build-ups. This paves the way for more stimulating brick-building sessions. Additionally, bundled in this extraordinary set is a specially adorned 40th LEGO® Technic Anniversary brick that will surely excite avid collectors.

Dimensions and Aesthetics

The meticulously crafted Truck and Trailer boast measurements of 3 inches in height, 10 inches in length and an admirable width of 2 inches. On the other hand, The Tracked Digger does not fall short either measuring up at three inches high, three inches long and one inch wide with the boom lowered.

Budget-Friendly Fun

The Roadwork Crew set is valued at an affordable £19.99/ $29.99 /19.99 €. This is great news when considering it boils down to an enjoyable price per piece ratio of around 5.5p / 8.2c / 5.5c making it economically friendly for parents seeking budget-conscious ways to surprise their young ones while still offering engaging play experiences.


All in all, the LEGO Technic Roadwork Crew Set promises an involving build journey combined with educational significance on construction machinery functions — it undeniably puts ‘fun’ at the heart of learning! Lastly, be sure to download instructions and take on the exciting challenge of creating exclusive LEGO® Fidget Spinners from this detailed building kit.

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:Roadwork Crew
RRP£19.99 / $29.99 / 19.99€
Release Year2017
InstructionsLego Roadwork Crew Instructions