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Embrace the adventurous spirit of LEGO® Monkie Kid™ as you soar through the immersive world of Red Son’s Inferno Jet. Inspired by Chinese folklore, this captivating 299-piece playset unveils an action-packed battle between Monkie Kid and his rivals, Red Son and Bull Clone Bob. With its intricately designed aircraft and thrilling mini build of Flower Fruit Mountain, young builders aged 7 and above will be inspired to unleash their creativity while instilling valuable traits of resilience and optimism along the way. Grab hold of this imaginative masterpiece – a gift that promises endless hours of swashbuckling fun!

Monkie Kid
Mar 2021
Dec 2022

Experience Excitement with LEGO’s Red Son’s Inferno Jet Playset

As part of their fascinating Monkie Kid theme, LEGO proudly presents its innovative creation, the “Red Son’s Inferno Jet”. This striking set is an impressive entry in LEGO’s Monkie Kid lineup. Inspired by the timeless classic, Journey to the West, the set blends creative building fun with cultural storytelling to create a lasting play experience for young creators everywhere.

A Delight for Children and Collectors Alike

The Red Son’s Inferno Jet set, released in March 2021, packs a robust 299 pieces. With this abundance of bricks and elements, children aged 7 and above will be challenged and entertained as they engage in a stimulating building experience. The set offers remarkable value with each piece costing only 8.4p in the UK and 11.7c in the US. Wrapped up in eye-catching packaging measuring 35.4 x 19.1 x 5.9 cm, it makes for an exceptional gift or an eye-catching addition for avid LEGO enthusiasts.

Bringing Storytelling to Life

Imagining themselves as the valiant Monkie Kid, children get to relive his daring adventures. In this particular set, they’ll find themselves safeguarding the magnificent Flower Fruit Mountain from Red Son’s ferocious Inferno Jet attacks. The set includes three intricately detailed minifigures – Monkie Kid himself, Red Son armed with his Power Glove and Bull Clone Bob equipped with a sleek flame thrower – all ready for some intense imaginative play.

Taking the Creative Fun to The Next Level

The set’s standout component is undoubtedly Red Son’s Inferno Jet itself. Featuring a snug minifigure cockpit and two spring-loaded shooters, it’s built to deliver exhilarating aerial battles that will captivate youngsters’ imaginations. Hold the golden staff away from the enemy at Flower Fruit Mountain mini build scenario to add an extra sprinkle of adventure to your imaginative story-telling.

The Building Experience

The build-and-play experience offered by this meticulously crafted set is truly rewarding, promoting creativity while enhancing problem-solving skills. Equipped with printed instructions and aided by Instructions PLUS in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, builders can view a virtual version of their model making the assembling process more interactive and enjoyable.

Fostering Culture Through Play

LEGO’s Monkie Kid sets go beyond just entertainment – they educate and inspire. These sets uphold Chinese values while incorporating them into novel interpretations of beloved Monkey King tales from Journey to the West. They kindle courage, resilience and hope among young builders, one exciting adventure after another!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Red Son’s Inferno Jet
Pieces 299
RRP £24.99 / $34.99 / 29.99€
Release Year 2021
Theme Monkie Kid
Instructions Lego Red Son’s Inferno Jet Instructions