LEGO Pteranodon Chase 75926

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Embark on a wild expedition with the LEGO Jurassic World 75926 Pteranodon Chase! Join the intrepid Owen and a resourceful tracker as they race against time to save a mesmerizing Pteranodon from certain danger. This action-packed playset features an impressive high-speed off-roader equipped with a net shooter, storage chest for the prized dinosaur egg, and nifty holders for essential tools. With posable wings and formidable snapping jaws, the Pteranodon itself adds an intriguing touch of authenticity to the thrilling adventure. Get ready for an immersive experience where every element matters, from the minute detailing of a tranquilizer gun with its distinct yellow syringe to the inclusion of accessory elements like a trusty wrench and mysterious dinosaur egg. The compact yet dynamic dimensions of both the off-roader and the majestic Pteranodon make this set ideal for precise playability, allowing you to recreate riveting scenes while unleashing your imagination in an incredibly realistic manner. Let excitement take flight as you embark on this daring mission: prepare yourself for speed, strategy, and heart-pounding encounters as you unravel the mysteries waiting within this captivating Jurassic World adventure.

Jurassic World
Apr 2018
Dec 2019
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Product Specs
Product Name:Pteranodon Chase
RRP£19.99 / $19.99 / 24.99€
Release Year2018
ThemeJurassic World
InstructionsLego Pteranodon Chase Instructions