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Experience the thrill of law enforcement with the captivating LEGO City Police Station set! Complete with a multitude of vehicles, including an awe-inspiring surveillance drone, and an exploding cell for action-packed playtime. Engaging minifigures such as Duke DeTain and Chief Wheeler from the LEGO City TV series are ready to join your squad in their quest to maintain order. Immerse young builders aged 5 and above in a world of endless role-playing possibilities with this meticulously crafted set that guarantees hours of creative fun.

Jan 2020
Dec 2021

Experience Action-Packed Adventures with the LEGO® City Police Station (60246)

Bringing to life the thrill of law enforcement, the LEGO® City Police Station set, part of the popular City Police subtheme, is an action-packed challenge for kids who are passionate about builds involving detailed settings and interactive features. Equipped with an array of vehicles, realistic buildings and engaging figures, it makes a perfect gift for imaginative kids who take pleasure in creating their own action-filled narratives.

Explore the Intricacies of the Set

The LEGO® City Police Station set spans an impressive assembly of 743 pieces that assemble into an intricately designed police station, complete with functional features like exploding cells and a light-brick searchlight. The visual appeal of this ensemble stirs excitement right from the moment you open the box.

A host of characters from the LEGO City TV series such as Duke DeTain, Chief Wheeler and Daisy Kaboom offer kids infinite scope for imaginatively recreating scenes or even crafting their very own thrilling adventures. Accompanying them are two adorable dog figures, ready to join in on the chase!

Embark on Thrilling Challenges

The detailed design includes two robust trucks, a sleek motorcycle and a snazzy drone that every LEGO® City police fan will adore. The high-quality police headquarters model is fully equipped with a jailbreak explosion function to induce an extra dash of exhilaration into your child’s playtime.

The exploration doesn’t end at indoor play; with their light brick searchlight and police siren sound-bricks, kids can extend their adventures into the pitch-dark corners under their beds or well into late-night sleepovers. It’s no wonder this fantastic police station playset is flying off the shelves.

Ensuring Quality & Safety

Functionality isn’t all that this vibrant set offers. Each piece complies with both industry regulations and The LEGO Group’s thorough quality measures—assuring consistency, compatibility and effortless assembling experience.

If collecting model vehicles and action toys , or indulging in role-play fun sounds like your child’s cup of tea, then there couldn’t be a better present than this action-packed collection. Masterfully designed products from LEGO® continue to help nurture children’s physical skills along with spurring confidence through open-ended creative play.

User-friendly Experience

Nailing down ‘the user-friendly’ title, this playset comes packed with coin cell batteries included. Say goodbye to last-minute scrambles for batteries- your sound-and-light antics can begin right away with this thoughtful addition!

To up the ante further on easiness, a simple building guide tagged along with Instructions PLUS is available in the box too, making it straightforward even for young builders to bring their architectural vision to life.

A Paradigm of Imagination & Creativity

The essence lies not just in building structures but constructing scenarios that authentically reflect city life’s dynamism. With such accurately realistic settings steeped in imagination, children can journey through captivating narratives they’ve spun—from high-speed chases to intense stand-offs at the headquarters! Everything rolls into one grand performance at the LEGO® City Police Station (60246) playset—where narratives stem from detailed pieces and childhood memories are forged forever.

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Police Station
Pieces 743
RRP £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€
Release Year 2020
Theme City
Instructions Lego Police Station Instructions