LEGO Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

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Embark on an exhilarating journey to the past with the LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322). This captivating shipwreck island model, resplendent with 2545 meticulously crafted pieces, beautifully captures the essence of nostalgic seafaring adventures. Set sail with 10 charismatic minifigs – from Captain Redbeard to Lady Anchor – and immerse yourself in a swashbuckling fiction where hidden treasures await discovery amidst rooms adorned with authentic accessories. Unleash your creativity as you rebuild the wreckage into a glorious vessel reminiscent of the legendary Black Seas Barracuda, compelling all who behold it to yearn for timeless tales of piracy and bravery.

Apr 2020
Dec 2021

Dive into the World of Pirate Adventures with the LEGO® Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Embrace your inner child and enter a world of pirate adventures with the Pirates of Barracuda Bay set from LEGO® Ideas. Released in April 2020, this model presents a unique blend of nostalgia and imagination. It is designed to inspire old school memories from childhood while introducing diverse avenues for creativity.

Unveiling the Pirate Bay

The Pirates of Barracuda Bay set number 21322, with its astounding collection of 2545 pieces, churns out an impressive shipwreck island model. This splendid kit allows you to delve into a calming and engaging building experience, offering a cherished break from daily life. Whether you’re indulging in solitary craftsmanship, or sharing the joy with friends and family, the model ensures quality time for everyone.

Shipwreck Island: A Haven for Imagination

The intriguing features included within this LEGO® set elevates it far above an ordinary building project. The highlights comprise the captain’s cabin, storehouse, kitchen area, expansive bedrooms, supply deck, and a quaint farm. Additionally, there’s also a toilet, an all-inclusive tavern with hidden treasure to captivate your attention. To further complement these units, the set incorporates eight minifigures depicting various pirate characters along with assorted animal figures and two detailed skeleton figures that encourage action-filled storytelling.

A Classic Reborn

A fascinating facet about this set is its reconstructive capability. The island has been designed so it can be split in half and rearranged according to your creative instincts. Furthermore, the shipwreck can also be dismantled and reassembled into an iconic ship inspired by Black Seas Barracuda, a beloved pirate ship model by LEGO® from 1989. This transformational property infuses an element of excitement and surprise in the building process.

Dimensions & Details

This grand model extends over 59cm (23”) in height, 64cm (25”) wide and spans across 32cm (12”) depth wise. Weighing at a substantial 4.43Kg (9.76 lb), it stands as an eye-catching display whether at home or as a refreshing desk accessory at your office. It’s suitable for ‘pirate enthusiasts’ aged 16 years and over-

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LEGO® Ideas signify unique collections curated by die-hard LEGO® fans for their fellow aficionados globally. These models draw inspiration from multiple domains encompassing real-life scenarios to iconic movies and original thoughts; it caters to lego lovers across all ages. For any novice builders stepping into the realm of LEGO® construction kits, this set also includes step-by-step instructions to ensure they can undertake this immersive building experience with confidence.

Time to cast aside those worries! With no batteries required, lose yourself to the therapeutic flow of constructing each piece into a magnificent model mirroring impeccable craftsmanship standards that have been synonymous with LEGO since 1958.

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Pirates of Barracuda Bay
Pieces 2545
RRP £179.99 / $199.99 / 199.99€
Release Year 2020
Theme Ideas
Instructions Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay Instructions