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Discover the enchantment of a bustling Parisian Restaurant, where artistry shapes bricks and gastronomic bliss transcends palates. In this meticulously crafted modular wonder, vibrant tiles adorn a fully-stocked kitchen, while a hidden apartment beckons with its pull-down bed and crackling fireplace. Ascend to the artist’s realm, where inspiration dances amidst a cast iron heater, elegant works of painted reverence, and an easel yearning for creation. Succumb to alfresco decadence on the roof terrace, where lanterns glow and flowers bloom as diners relish in culinary wizardry. With 2469 immaculate pieces waiting to be assembled by avid builders over the age of 16, delve into this symphony of imagination that bridges the gap between reality and fantasy with elegance and flair.

Creator Expert
Jan 2014
Dec 2019

Exploring the Intricacies of LEGO Creator Expert’s Parisian Restaurant Set

Delve into a vibrant microcosm filled with romance, artistry, and mouthwatering food when you embark on the assembly of LEGO’s Parisian Restaurant from the esteemed Creator Expert series, specifically designed for seasoned builders.

A Universe Within a Construction Set

All of the charm and bustling energy of a chic bistro in the heart of France’s illustrious capital can now be replicated right in your living room. With every exquisitely detailed brick and tile, LEGO invites you to recreate a vivacious sequence flashing before your eyes – a scooter swiftly navigating the streets; a waiter skillfully darting between tables; a young suitor immersed in preparation for his palpitating proposal.

Behind-the-Scenes Revelry

The authentic essence of this Parisian establishment is not merely confined to its inviting exterior and bustling dining area. Journey behind-the-scenes to discover a fully-equipped kitchen, brimming with blue and white tiles, intricate tableware, and the delightful aroma of freshly prepared food. The vigorous chef sweats over delicious creations that are sure to tantalize imaginary tastebuds.

Livable Luxury Awaits Upstairs

The second floor hosts an adorably cozy apartment. This quaint abode is furnished with an easy-to-use retractable bed, a snug kitchenette, and an enticing fireplace – ensuring comfort isn’t compromised even inside LEGO’s enchanting world.

A Haven for Art Admirers

Ascend further to find yourself at an artist’s retreat. The top floor is adorned with life-like elements like an ancient cast-iron heater, two eye-catching pieces of art, an easel, and a paintbrush waiting for an artist’s hand lain upon it.

Perfect Alfresco Experience

No Parisian scene would be complete without an alluring alfresco dining experience. The rooftop terrace lined with beautiful hanging lanterns and vibrant flowers provides LEGO diners the opportunity to enjoy their food under the stars.

Details that Scream ‘Paris’

The external facade stands as an epitome of quintessential Parisian architecture with added personal touches like croissants, clams, and feather detailing all contributing to transport your imagination straight off to a sunlit French street corner.

Rounding it All Off

Including 2469 pieces targeted at fans over 16 years old, this sizzling set combines traditional Lego fun with adult complexity. It is not just about following instructions but truly immersing oneself in an alternate universe battling time constraints and rejoicing in intricate detailing – all while flaunting your creative construction skills. Experience delight like never before while breathing life into these vibrant eatery scenes enhanced by relatable minifigures such as the chef, waiter, girl, and romantic couple.

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Parisian Restaurant
Pieces 2469
RRP £142.99 / $159.99 / 149.99€
Release Year 2014
Theme Creator Expert
Instructions Lego Parisian Restaurant Instructions