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Embarking on an otherworldly quest, Onua Uniter of Earth, a valiant warrior from the realm of Bionicle, must traverse hazardous ravines and rugged mountains. Equipped with night vision and bestowed with divine armaments forged by Ekimu himself, this majestic Toa, standing an impressive 8 inches tall, joins forces with elemental creatures to thwart the darkness that threatens their land. With posable joints enabling fierce action play and enhanced by a blasting crystal drill hammer and a crystal six shooter, Onua epitomizes resilience in his sturdy design. As swirling energies intertwine through the twisting of his torso wheel, the mighty Toa unleashes powers untold – combining harmoniously with Terak Creature of Earth to create an unstoppable force exclaimed by unparalleled armor. Engage in tantalizing battles evoked through the switching of creatures within the realms of LEGO® BIONICLE® 2016 series and prepare for unforgettable moments as you delve into – a portal pulsating with building instructions, captivating games, awe-inspiring animations, and boundless imagination.

8 – 14
Jan 2016
Dec 2016

An in-depth look at LEGO’s Onua – Uniter of Earth set

The popular construction toy brand, LEGO, once again invigorated its Bionicle line-up with the release of a distinctive action figure known as ‘Onua – Uniter of Earth’ under the subtheme ‘Toa Uniters’. This remarkably designed ensemble, fashioned by renowned LEGO Designer John Ho, was introduced to the market on January 1, 2016.

Key Features

Ever-present in the magical universe of LEGO BIONICLE, the character of Onua is a guide through the series’ treacherous ravines and towering peaks. This set equips Onua with an assortment of new elemental gear, bestowed upon him by Ekimu from the Great Forge. The figure serves as not just a play thing but an embodiment of an epic narrative of unity and strength.

In this incarnation, Onua stands taller than our normal perception with an impressive height of 22 cm. Created for action, the design is sturdy enough to withstand intense battles and fantastic adventures. To make things more exciting, this set features a torso wheel that controls weaponry- just a twist could make Onua wield his weapons deftly!

Interactivity and Accessories

No BIONICLE figure would be complete without accessories. ‘Onua – Uniter of Earth’ comes equipped with visually stunning elements like the Unity Mask of Earth and armor chest plate adorned with rune decorations. The character possesses intrinsically designed blasting crystal weapons like drill hammer and a six shooter.

Focused on interactive play, this set implements ingenious measures such as a mask pop-off trigger integrated into Onua’s BIONICLE head. When deployed, it releases the Unity Mask of Earth and allows for the Golden Unity Mask to be attached to empower Onua.

The Spirit of Unity

This set masterfully encapsulates the essence of unity intrinsic to the BIONICLE series. Among its many halmark features is a unique unity piece allowing for integration with other figures from the same series. For example, you can easily combine “Onua – Uniter of Earth” with “71304 Terak Creature of Earth” to create formidable armor.

The potential combinations are vast when switching between different elemental creatures in the 2016 LEGO BIONICLE series! All these features give life to endless stories and heroic deeds that your child can role-play!

Digital Companion

To further enrich your building and playing experience, LEGO offers online interaction through their official website where you can find detailed building instructions, engaging games, and entertaining animations for this specific model. However, it’s always advisable to seek parental or guardian consent before embarking on this online adventure.

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Product Specs
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