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Embark on a whimsical journey with Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler aboard Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship. Set against the backdrop of crystal waters, this enchanting vessel allows the brave duo to unlock hidden mysteries of the deep sea. From turning sails to clamshell water chairs, every intricately designed detail comes alive as the courageous Elves combine their magical powers to seek the elusive magic key. Join them on this epic expedition and dive into a mesmerizing world of awe-inspiring wonder and breathtaking adventure.

7 – 12
Mar 2015
Dec 2016

A Closer Look at Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship

If you’re a fan of enchanting and magical playsets, then you might be familiar with the Elves theme from LEGO®, which featured the spellbinding set – Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship (SET_NUMBER: 41073). Released back in 2015, this LEGO set captured the hearts of many young adventurers with its whimsical design and interactive components.

Intriguing Specifications

This captivating ship boasts 312 intricately designed LEGO pieces that come together to bring Naida Riverheart’s mythical vessel to life. Its affordable price tag of £24.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€ delivers an exceptional value-for-money experience, providing hours of constructive fun at only around 8.0p / 9.6c / 9.6c per piece.

Included in this imaginative assembly are two mini-doll figures – Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler, each one bearing a unique resemblance to their characters from the enchanted LEGO® Elves universe.

A Journey into Fantasy

Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship isn’t just a boat; it’s a gateway into a world of fantasy. The ship is renowned for its turning sail, a fully equipped galley kitchen for seafaring meals, a sun deck for relaxing moments, clamshell water chairs for cruising comfort, a quiet chill-out area to unwind and even a fun-filled diving board!

This enthralling journey has one mission at its heart – to find the magic water key needed by Emily Jones, another character from the LEGO® Elves’ theme, to return to her human world. Your little ones will love peering through the included telescope to uncover the giant oyster shell hiding beneath the crystallic waters that hold the sought-after key.

The Magic of Teamwork and Imagination

A standout feature of this set is undoubtedly the integration of water and wind powers. This encourages players to engage with elements of teamwork and strategy as Naida and Aira must unify their powers to uncover the hidden magic key within the ocean’s depth.

The design brilliance doesn’t stop there; with its interactive features such as steerable sail and amazing clamshell seats from which players can dangle their mini-dolls feet in imaginary sea waves- Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship offers an immersive play experience unlike any other.

Launch into Adventure

Add some magic to your playtime with Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship! While this enchanting set may have retired at the end of 2016, it left behind a legacy of imagination and adventure. Suitable for ages 7 to 12 years, but rest assured, no matter what age you are, this set promises an entrancing plunge into the magical universe. Eager for more adventurous lore? Visit to find out more about Emily Jones and her quest for the four magical keys.

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship
Pieces 312
RRP £24.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€
Release Year 2015
Theme Elves
Instructions Lego Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship Instructions