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Introducing the enigmatic Mysto, esteemed leader of the mysterious Nindjas tribe from the illustrious LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 9 collection. This nimble figure boasts a magnificent posable hat, concealing its eyes with an air of intrigue, while a wispy white mustache and beard accentuate its aura of mystique. Equipped with a staff and an articulating mouth, Mysto is ready to unleash its ancient ninja prowess upon the world of building and role-play enthusiasts. So gather all three members of the Nindjas tribe and embark on a journey towards MAX greatness, or venture off into creative chaos by combining Mysto with Myke from the Newzers tribe to create a delightfully mixed-up MURP! Stand tall above ordinary construction sets with this captivating character that stands over 2 inches, captivating both young builders and seasoned collectors alike.

Oct 2016
Dec 2016

Unearthing the Mysteries of LEGO’s Mysto

For ardent fans of LEGO, and particularly those with a taste for ninja-inspired designs, an intriguing delight awaits in the form of “Mysto”, a set from Mixels Series 9. This enchanting stealth warrior is rife with mystery and exudes an air of ancient wisdom.

The Enigmatic World of Mysto

Representing the intriguing Nindjas tribe, Mysto stands tall as their wise leader. The mini-figure embodies all the intriguing attributes typical to its ninja lineage. Its distinguishing feature is undoubtedly the large, posable hat that can conceal its eyes in a true mysterious ninja spirit.

Appearance and Design

Mysto’s design is marked by clever quirks that make it a resounding favourite among LEGO enthusiasts. One of its engaging features is an opening mouth, giving it various expressions to work with. Sporting a wispy mustache and beard in pure white, Mysto resembles a seasoned sage mastering some hidden oriental power. To top it off, it wields a powerful staff as a testament to its enigmatic abilities.

Packing More Fun

Adding more excitement to this exotic playset, Mysto is not merely a standalone character. If you’re aiming at enhancing your creative sphere, you can collect all three Nindjas characters from the LEGO MIXELS Series 9; that way you’d assemble them into the uber-powerful MAX! Carrying the fun further, LEGO encourages you to mix things up with Mysto and 41580 Myke from the Newzers tribe, resulting in a wildly entertaining MURP!

Breathing Life into Your Playtime

Mysto provides more than just bricks and instructions; it offers age-appropriate experiences fostering creativity and divergent thinking amongst children aged 6 or above. Although this captivating product was released in October of 2016, its charm still resonates with young LEGO aficionados. The set also proves great value for money with an initial retail price set at £3.00 / $4.99 / 3.99€.

In Short: An Engaging Experience

The LEGO MIXELS Series 9’s Mysto engages players in absorbing role-play scenarios while pushing their building skills to new heights. Whether assembling it as an individual set or combining it with other intriguing characters for an enthralling gameplay experience, Mysto proves itself as an endearing addition to anyone’s LEGO collection.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Mysto
RRP£3.00 / $4.99 / 3.99€
Release Year2016
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