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In the ethereal realm of mystical wonders and spellbinding marvels, a haunting delight awaits with the release of SET_NUMBER 40562, “Mystic Witch.” Crafted under the watchful eye of acclaimed designer George Gilliatt, this enigmatic creation beckons aspiring creators and enchantment enthusiasts alike. With its captivating dimensions measuring 19.1 x 26.2 x 4.6 cm, this bewitching masterpiece weighs a mere 0.33Kg, yet holds within its confines an impressive array of 257 meticulously crafted pieces, destined to inspire magical adventures beyond the veil of imagination. Prepare to summon your craft and embrace the secrets untold, for the launch of this fabled trio unfolds on the eve of October 14th, 2022. But be warned! As time weaves its ever-waning threads before finding solace in the twilight hour of December 31st, these enchanted realms shall retreat from mortal grasp forevermore. Seekers aged seven and above shall be granted exclusive access to unveil the wonders that lie within this veritable Pandora’s box – an extraordinary journey through mystical powers and limitless creativity awaits! From haunted retreats to shadowy spells drawn in cleverly assembled pieces, venture into uncharted worlds where dreams take

Oct 2022
Dec 2022
Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Mystic Witch
Pieces 257
RRP NotFound
Release Year 2022
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